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December 15, 2009

Drive-in movies

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Remember the drive-in movie?  Oh, those are a special memory!  I don’t know about you, but in my day it was the social meeting place each week!

Unless there was a ball game on Friday night, the drive-in was the place everyone would go.  For me, it was the Scott Drive-in theatre.  It was the only one on our side of Atlanta, and it did not matter what was showing.  After all, it really was not the movie that attracted you.

There were those, of course, who didn’t care what was showing as they went to what they would term the “Passion Pit.”  But for the vast majority, it was the place to gather on Friday evening.  In fact, sometimes everyone would get so loud visiting that they would be reprimanded because others could not hear the movie.

Some would walk around visiting; others would sit on the hood of the car, using the windshield as a back rest; others would sit in the play area for children; while others would sit on the benches and chairs at the concession stand.

And remember the intermission?  An  announcement would come on with some silly tune about “Let’s all go to the concession stand . . . .”  With the lights on during the intermission, many would walk around to see who was in various cars.  Sometimes there were surprises!  There were always those remarks, “I can’t believe she is here with him!”  Or, “Wait till I tell her who he was with!”  Sometimes a scene was made by some young lady or gentleman who caught their “beloved”  on a date with someone else.  Oh, Friday night at the drive-in was a culture all its own!

And remember those hot nights when all the windows were down and yet it was almost unbearable?  Or those cold nights when you wrapped in a blanket, or would run you car heater for a few minutes?  Then the modern heater provided by the drive-in was installed!  You would hang the speaker on one window and the small heater in the other window.  Or recall those rainy nights and the car had to be running to use the wipers? But then many preferred the privacy the rain provided-no one could see out and no one could see in!

When was the last time you went to a drive-in movie?  Do you even know where one is today?  Judy and I recalled the last time we went to a drive-in.  It was 1963 in Laredo, Texas.  We were waiting to cross the border the next morning and tried to pass time on that evening.  We remember it was a location where we should not have been!

Drive-in movies are almost a gone-by insitution!  Yet, would you beliveve we live in a small town that still has one? It is called The Joy Drive-in. That is a good name for the experience of my day. The drive-in here in our town is open only on the weekend.  But I doubt that we will go.  It is much more fun at this age to stay home, turn on the television,  sit on the sofa, and run to the refrigerator during commercials. And we don’t have to worry about the weather.

I admit this blog has no redeeming value, except to bring to your mind those days of long ago!  But for some, like my grandchildren, they have no idea what an experience it was.  Those were the days–at least for us at that age.  Memory is a wonderful gift God gave us.  Memories can last forever!

Remember and enjoy!



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  1. Hi Lawson and Judy! For the first time I have gone to your website and have read some of your writings. I especially enjoyed this one, Drive-In Movies, which reminded me of similar experiences I had as a teenager and college student taking my date to a drive-in. Then, would you believe that, when we went to Lusaka, Zambia, as missionaries in May 1971, we were surprised to find a drive-in theater there. We had a Peogeot station wagon which had a long luggage rack on top. We took a light matteess from home, put it on the rack and our four children lay on that mat and watched it from there while my wife, Joy and I, courted in the front seat! Yes! Those were the good ol’ days.
    For your info, I am now writing stories from my early years as well as from our experiences on the mission field. How can I set up a webpage like yours so I can share my stories? Fred Allen

    Comment by Fred Allen — January 4, 2010 @ 5:44 pm | Reply

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