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January 3, 2010

Does God always rescue?

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(Read January 2 blog  Rescue at the Quarry first.  This is a follow-up.)

I felt the necessity of addressing this issue after the blog yesterday.  I spoke of God’s protection over His own.  Yet I know that most of us can cite an incident when it did not appear that God protected as He promised.

To be fair in my writing, I will attempt to give some answer to the question: Does God, in every circumstance, intervene and rescue us?  Why did that soldier die?  Why did that teenager get hit by that drunk driver?  Why did that elderly person fall down the stairs and become disabled?  We can honestly ask such questions.

There is a perspective needed.  We must attempt to see things in the light  of God’s purpose for us and His Kingdom.  God is faithful to care and guide everything.  He is aware of all that happens.  We do not live in a fatalistic  world, but in a world that is overseen by the Almighty Creator.  Nothing escapes God.  He is always at work for the ultimate good.  Many times His overwhelming love is most experienced in those events of difficulty, pain, and grief.

So, the question: How can we resolved the conflict between divine intervention for our safety and yet know there are times we may not experience that protection?  I confess that I do not have that resolution in such a way that I could explain it to everyone.  But in my heart and soul there is a satisfactory answer.  As one who lives by faith, there is a perspective.  I do not pretend to know the mind of God, but I assure you I know something of His heart and love for me, and I trust Him!

There are  saints in the Bible that were not always rescued.  John the Baptist was beheaded. James, the brother of Jesus was put to death with the sword. Paul was imprisoned many times, flogged, beaten, and shipwrecked.  The apostle John was banished to an island.  Yet, these and others, were greatly used for the glory of God.  They understood that their lives were available for God to use for His ultimate purpose.  And now in eternity those saints have complete understanding.

Even if God allows some injury, pain, abuse, sickness, or even death to come into my life that could have been avoided, my faith understands that it is ultimately for a divine purpose.  God may use it  for my benefit, for a blessing to others, or for His glory.  Our perspective must focus on God’s purposes.  My life, and yours, should have the purpose of glorifying the Lord who has given us salvation and the security of everlasting life.

We must trust His plan and purpose, even if we do not understand it all.  God’s plan is profound.  We must remember that His plan is not designed to make us comfortable.  His plan is designed to make us more like Christ and to conform to His will to use in fulfilling His plan for the world.  Remember, He does include us in His purpose for the world. When we can not comprehend His plan and purpose through our difficulty, we must trust the Father.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us.”  (Romans 8:18)



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  1. I especially appreciated the examples of NT people who weren’t rescued -very helpful. Keep sharing Truth!

    Comment by jjr, mo — January 3, 2010 @ 8:25 pm | Reply

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