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February 8, 2010

Florida Gators

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One reads this title, and immediately the mind thinks of the University of Florida.  The Florida Gator name is most associated with the university, but I have alligators in mind!

Alligators are  interesting creatures.  But be interested from a distance!  These creatures are to be reckoned with in many places.  They have so multiplied in Florida that the majority of lakes are inhabited by them. And too often, the news reports some tragedy related to an attack by a gator.

I do not need to describe these creatures.  Most of us are familiar with their habits.  There might be one fact that needs to be emphasized.  We assume  they are slow creatures because of  their short legs and large bodies.  However, they are very fast creatures.  Some believe they can outrun a horse for the first 30 feet.  One thing is certain, they are fast  up to about 50 yards.  So, make sure you can run faster for more than that distance!

When we lived in Miami, the boys and I would often go fishing in the Everglades.  There was one special alligator hole.  It always had small gators, and the boys loved hooking them and pulling them in rather close before they would cut their lines.  On one occasion, we were fishing in another area when a large gator began swimming around our bait.  This was not unusual, but we always kept a watchful eye.  On this day, this gator seemed to have more than our bait in mind.  He continued to come closer to the land where we were standing.  Closer and closer he came and I began to assume he was coming on land.  I told the boys to go to the car.  I quickly gathered our things and likewise retreated to the car.  The gator did come on land and began to follow me to the car.  Inside the car we observed that the gator was coming to the car.  I started the car in preparation to leave.  As I began to pull off, the gator lunged toward  one of the tires.  I believe if I had not driven off, the gator would have attacked the tire.  That gator was either very hungry, very mad, or very mentally ill!

I have respect for these creatures to the extent that I do not care to have them around.  However, we cannot go to the lake without observing them.  Fortunately, this is the cold season when they are hibernating.  But soon they will emerge.  We do not like the idea that they are in that water where the children ski and wake-board.  I sincerely believe that the state has over-protected these creatures.  Yes, they will relocate or destroy those that they consider a nuisance, but too often they are classified a nuisance only after some injury or the proof they are coming to close too the house.

The question always comes, so why did God even create these creatures?  They do have their place in the eco system, but I cannot answer my question.  I will simply say that the only gators I care to see are those that are in the zoo or an enclosed habitat.

Since this is just one of the wandering blogs, I will entertain another thought.  These are some of the oldest creatures on earth, a carry-over some scientists say from the dinosaur age.  I assume Noah did not take any on the ark since a gator, as well as fish, would survive a flood. If this be so, I calculate the gator population did not go down to only two?



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