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February 10, 2010

Can Angels Drive?

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Here comes another of the stories about angels.  If you have not been reading my blogs, you will find other writings about God’s protection.  (Read December 19, 2009 – Angels at Christmas;  January 2, 2010 – Rescue at the Quarry; January 23, 2010 – Elevator Fall)

I was registering for another semester at seminary.  Several professors remarked that I didn’t look well.  They were referring to symptoms of illness, of course!  After several remarks, I began to feel that I was not well.  I went to my small, one room apartment and stretched out across the bed.  The next thing I knew was a pounding on the door.  As I stood up to answer the door, I realized it was the following day.  I had been on that bed for more that 18 hours.    A couple had come to check on me.  They had invited me to their home for dinner the night before and when I did not come, they thought something was wrong.  They had come by early that morning to check on me.

They realized I was very ill  and wanted to take me to the emergency room.  I promised them I would go on my own. They left for work and school, taking me at my word.  As they left, I had that feeling that I was really ill and might be hospitalized.   I had been sick one time in a city where I knew no one.   I did not want to be in the hospital  in Ft. Worth.  I wanted to go to my church field where I was serving as youth director on the weekends.  I lived on the weekend with a family that were like surrogate parents to me. If I was going to be hospitalized, I wanted to be in Caldwell about 180 miles away.   I loaded all  my personal items  into the car and left.

Some  four or five hours later, I parked in front of the home of the family where I stayed.  I was blowing the horn for someone to come, although I was not conscious of doing it.   From the time I left Ft. Worth, I had no memory of  anything until I woke up in the hospital.  The family had taken me directly to the hospital.

When Dr. Smith, a member of our church, attended  and cared for me, he said that it was impossible for me to have driven that 180 miles.  “You were unconscious.  You could not have driven.  It was the work of God,” he said.  I agreed.  I certainly remembered none of it.  And another interesting thing,  in the car was a cup from Dairy Queen where I had evidently stopped for something to drink.  But I remembered none of it.  How can that be?

Let me tell you. Dr. Smith was right!  It was the work of God.  God saw to it that I made the trip safely, even in my delirium.  Now did God assign an angel to drive that car?  And what about the stop at the Dairy Queen?  Did that angel appear in human form and order that soft drink for me to help with the fever?  I cannot give you authoritative answers, but I do know this was evidence of  God’s  protective love. I have learned that we can ask questions that we cannot answer.  But my faith does not require specifics.  I just know that God intervened with His divine protection.  I do  believe in angels as one way God cares for us and this is just another time in my life when I know  one was present. 

I don’t know how God might bring protection and care to you, but I know He can.  This is not a liberty to be reckless, but as one who seeks to live for God,  be thankful for his oversight.

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”  (Psalm 34:7  “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  (Psalm 91:11)     



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  1. Several years ago my husband came home, seeming quite normal. That would change.Within a few minutes something happened.He got this strange look and left the house in a hurray. I followed.He drove the car backwards down our street and disappeared. I spent the night begging God to watch over him and bring him home. About 12 hours later the phone rang.It was the hospital asking if I had a husband named Frank. It seems he had staggered into the hospital screaming the night before. He didn’t know who he was, if he had family, where he was from.He had complete amnesia. The dr. was amazed that he had made it to the hospital (in the middle of a field,35 miles from our town).It seems my husband was not only driving w/o knowing where he was going, but he was driving blind — his pupils were so dilated.And he was driving looking directly into the setting sun. I later said to him “Your chance to see an Angel and you can’t remember it!” There must have been one sitting on his lap driving that car. By-the-way, the car was missing. As I stood at my husband’s hospital window, I asked God if he would please find the car for us. As I said “amen” I noticed a red car across the field at the only other building in the area (a post secondary school). I got a ride over there and no, it wasn’t our car I’d seen, but our car was parked in that lot behind some trees. It seems my husband had run out of gas in that parking lot and staggered across the field to the back entrance (emergency entrance) of the hospital. “Yes, Virginia, there are angels!” More than that, there is a God who cares for us. Isn’t He good?!

    Comment by Debbie — February 15, 2010 @ 11:08 am | Reply

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