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March 1, 2010

Global Warming?

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I am sure confused about this global warming.  In my simple mind I have trouble grasping what it implies when we have endured such a winter!  Of course, I know that I am not educated on the subject.   I confess I have not tried to understand all of the facts, assumptions, and predictions.

Global warming is a very active subject these days.  The definition can often be confusing.  It seems to cover a vast array of issues concerning the weather.  The best I can determine is that global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface air and the temperature of the oceans.  A change in these temperatures has been recorded during the 20th century, and so it has been projected to continue.  Some scientists believe that the change leveled off prior to the turn of the new century.  Some report that the increase seen in the 20th century was the result of increases in the concentrations of what is called greenhouse gases. 

I truly confess  I get  confused on the issue.  One only needs to look at history and the confusion continues.  There are times when we can say it is getting warmer.  Other times and places we can say it is getting colder.  For instance, the Ice Age cannot be denied.  There was a time when ice covered a significant portion of the earth as we now know it.  That does seem to indicate that since the beginning of time, the earth’s atmosphere has been warming.  Ok, I can say that is global warming!

There is debate, and even explanations, that changes  are bringing about more warmth.  Leading the list are changes in the earth’s orbit.  Some scientists blame changes on the sun’s intensity, while others say that volcanic eruptions have contributed.  Then we have to add to the list greenhouse gases and ocean currents.  That’s quite a list!

I know so very little about  all this, but as you have come to know, I always have an opinion!  There may be something to the greenhouse gases and the effect it has on the protective ozone layer, but for all those other reasons, who can really know!  Here is the one thing I know for sure.  We might be able to have some control over the effect of greenhouse gases, but we cannot do a single thing about the earth’s orbit, the sun’s intensity, volcanic eruptions, or ocean currents!

And although there seems to be some scientific evidence of global warming, where is it?  For one who lives in central Florida, I have seen the reverse of the global warming here.  There are many that could give better evidence of what I will say, but in my layman’s observation I have noted the reverse of global warming. 

Over the last 25 or 30 years there has been a significant change in the climate that has affected citrus crops.  We used to see miles and miles of beautiful citrus throughout central Florida.  But so much has changed.  Because of freezes, orange growers have moved further south.  As they moved, fruit processing and packaging plants closed.  It was too expensive to transport the fruit back north, and so the processing plants moved south also.  Now if global warming was happening in Florida, wouldn’t that mean we could plant citrus even north of where we are?

Yet, even today our neighbors from New York would contradict my statements.  They spoke of the growth of poison ivy and even the presence of mildew in upper state New York that was unheard of years ago.  They contribute it to global warming.  What is the truth about this subject?

There are changes in the climate.  We cannot deny that.  We have seen  changes in our lifetime.  Perhaps because many are finding it hard to buy into all the rhetoric over global warming, the safest descriptive term would be environmental change.  That is a safe expression.  It can get hotter or colder and you are in  vogue with your language.  Or at least, could we agree on climate change as a term?

Now comes my opinion.  It seems that climate change has happened since creation!  It certainly is no surprise to God!  After all, since He created earth, sky, water, sun, moon, stars, air, and everything else you can name, I believe He also created and set in motion the winds and sea currents.  Nothing happened by chance.  God knew from the beginning how the universe would operate.

For all you philosophical, biblical students, here is a question to ponder.  When God placed the winds and the climate in motion,did he establish a pattern for them?  Does the wind follow a set course throughout the world, even if the cycle  might take a year, or a century, or a millennium? 

I enjoy asking questions that I cannot answer.  That is the nature of man.  I will acknowledge climate change, but I will simply accept that which occurs because I believe it is part of a vibrant creation of God.  It is His universe and His earth.  He is in charge. If the earth’s orbit has shifted, God planned and determined it.   And my life and my world are not too big or small for Him to control as He desires.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . . .”  (Genesis 1:1)   ” Then the Lord sent a great wind over the sea . . . . “(Jonah 1:4)  ” . . . even the wind and the waves obey him.”  (Mark 4:41)




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