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March 17, 2010

The Robber and the Mask

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Our home in San Jose, Costa Rica was built for that location.  It had a tin roof because it meant less danger in earthquakes.  The small area in the back was walled with pieces of broken glass cemented on the top to prevent robbers from scaling the wall.  Thee was no front yard as the door opened directly to the street.  The windows were about three feet wide and two feet high and located high off the ground.  This again was to deter robbers.  The only vulnerable window was a jalousie window that was approximately four feet by four feet and was within three feet of the ground.  This window opened to the carport.  We did not own a vehicle, but allowed the Catholic priest for the barrio to park his car there.  We kept a light burning during the night as a deterrent for vandalism or theft of his vehicle.

One night I awoke to check on the children.  As I crossed the hall to their bedroom, I noticed the silhouette of someone through the curtains on that carport window.  As I stood and watched, I realized that there were two men removing the strips of glass, one at a time.

I began to think what to do. There was no police to call.  For me to use some means of protection might cause injury or death to the men and that would mean  I would be jailed or expelled from the country.  My mind was in a prayer position.  I was asking God to help me and to tell me what to do.

I looked around and saw a hideous Halloween mask  that the children had been playing with.  I had used this as a prank, and hopefully as a deterrent to theft when we went through customs.  I had formed what looked like a small man from a shirt and pants and layed it at the top of the trunk.  I then had placed this mask as the head, hoping that when the inspectors opened the trunk, they would be frightened and quickly close the trunk.  Nevertheless, the mask had become a play item in the house.

I placed this mask over my face, and I patiently waited for the men to remove enough of the glass slats to pull their bodies through the window.  As the first man began to pull himself in, his head parted the drapes.  As he looked up to survey the room, I stepped directly in front of him and yelled with a horrible scream.  As he looked to see this terrible face amid the scream, it so frightened the man that he quickly exited.  He bumped into his partner, knocking him down and against the car.  The two men began to run down the street, even with one of them limping badly.

We never had such a threat again.  We believe the word was circulated that there was some type of monster living in the house.  And if that was the rumor, we were grateful!

There is humor when you visualize the story, but I am giving testimony that it was the protection of God.  I want you to know that God is always available to protect and care for us.  Sometimes, that protection comes in the form of a thought or wisdom that flows through us. I had asked God to tell me what to do.  Yet, it was not my wisdom, but the fulfilment of His promise to us that He would protect.  Be attentive to His protection and His ways.

“For the Lord gives wisdom . . . .”  Proverbs 2:6)  “The Lord will protect him and preserve his life . . . .” (Psalm 41:2)  “And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:20)



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