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March 23, 2010

Feisty Lady

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While my maternal grandmother was described as “true grit,” my other grandmother could be described as a feisty lady.  That she was indeed!  She was the lady in town who was called upon when something had to be accomplished. The word feisty well describes her.  She was indeed a lively, energetic, and aggressive lady.

She was a community activist to the highest degree.  She stayed informed of local needs, and she was always ready to address issues that called for change.  She was available also to launch new programs and organizations that would improve her city.

She lived to be 97 years of age, and continued her activities to that day.  She did not know reservations about facing the difficult.  She longed for challenges.  She could never accept the possibility of failure.  No matter the odds, she would face every mountain with the attitude that it would be conquered.

She founded the Cherokee Camp Fire Girls (forerunner of Girl Scouts) in 1915, the first chartered group in the State of Georgia.  She led these young ladies in making emergency flu masks for soldiers at Ft. Gordon, in sending money for relief work in France, and in adopting a French orphan.  She received her Girl Scout Leader’s Badge when she was 72 years of age.

Active in her church, working especially with children, she also found time to do Red Cross work during World War I.  Although she was busy in the community, she still found time to maintain her home, and especially take pride in her gardens.  The beautiful terraced gardens with brick walkways became her place of solitude.

Yet, none could ever be remembered more than she for her passion for education.  As a teacher before her marriage,  she had an iron will where education was concerned.  When she saw a need for a high school in the city, she approached the Board of Education with the request.  They told her one could be built if she raised the funds.   She called together three other people, and led in the raising of the needed construction monies.  

She founded and became the first P.T.A. president in 1920.  She served on the Board of Education for the district for many years.  She regularly visited the schools throughout her life.  She was known by the students and faculty, and  she always had a word of challenge to each student to do their best.  During one financial crisis, she led a campaign to raise funds to pay the salaries of the teachers. 

Her legacy will live on through the educational system.  When a new school was built in the late 1960s, it was named in her honor.  Her life was dedicated to a cause.  Her determination and will have certainly impacted countless lives.

Each of us should have a cause on which we can focus our energies.  I found mine in God’s Kingdom.  Have you found yours?

 “It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good . . . .”  (Galatians 4:18)



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