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March 26, 2010

Profit from the Mule

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Our oldest son loves animals.  He particularly has a love for mules.  He had one named Crazy, but later sold him.  Time passed, and he decided that he wanted another mule.  He searched the internet and found one for sale.  He placed a bid on the mule.  He determined to start low since he was the first bidder.  He placed a bid of $100.  To his amazement, no other bids were made.

Somewhat skeptical, he made inquiries to the owner.  All his questions were answered.  Yes, the mule is old.  The owner had raised the mule and said the mule was about 15 years old.  Yes, he had good teeth.  Yes, he was gentle.  Yes, he had not been a plow mule, but one that children had ridden.

All this sounded good.  The owner, surprisingly, even offered to deliver the mule when he learned that the two parties only lived a few miles apart.  The seller suggested that a check for $100 be sent to him, and once the check had cleared the bank, he would deliver the mule.  Our son was agreeable.   He checked through the internet and verified the man did live in the  area.  And, after all, he felt that the risk of sending the check was so minimal that he mailed the check immediately.

The man called upon receiving the check and indicated that he would deliver the mule the next day.  As promised, a truck came to our son’s house to deliver the mule.  But before our son could get out to the yard, the men had unloaded the mule, which was now lying on the ground.  Suddenly, our son realized this was a dead mule!

He called the man who had sold him the mule demanding his money back.  After all, nothing had been said to indicate the mule was dead.  The seller told him two things.  One, he had been honest with answers to each question, and that the question was never asked if the mule was alive.  Second, the man said he could not return the $100 because he had already spent it.

Now what do you do with a dead mule?  Our son was a genius (like father, like son?).  He decided to sell raffle tickets and raffle off a dead mule.  He called to tell us about it.  We insisted that he couldn’t raffle off a dead mule.

“Why not?” he said.  “I just won’t say the mule is dead.”  His mother and I still didn’t think it would work, but it was his business.

Several weeks later he called.  I asked him about the raffle and the dead mule.  He said it was a great success.

“I sold over 500 tickets at $3 each.”  That was $1500, I calculated.

Then I responded, “Well, did anyone complain?”

“Only the winner.  He was quite upset and mad.”

I told him I certainly understood.  I would have been furious if someone had done that to me.  I then asked, “So what did you do to appease him?”

“Oh, I just gave him his $3 back!”

There is no point to the story.  I just wanted you to smile today.  Remember, it takes more muscles to frown than smile.  So smile and save your energy!  Be happy!  Smile!




  1. I am learning so many family secrets/stories through your blog. This one was great! Have a great day.

    Comment by Carol Mathews — March 26, 2010 @ 6:59 am | Reply

  2. What a great story – and you certainly made me smile!

    Comment by Angela — March 26, 2010 @ 11:56 am | Reply

  3. Thanks Lawson, I needed that. I just finished working all morning in Dads attic running a phone line from opposite ends of the his house. I am home now and through for the day. Have a good and blessed day!

    Comment by DUDLEY HENRY — March 26, 2010 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

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