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March 31, 2010

No News Channels Allowed

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There are more news channels on television than at any other period in history.  You can surf with the television remote and be bombarded with news at any moment of the day or night.  Some people get addicted to watching certain channels because the reporting perspective agrees with their political position.  Others watch only the local news to stay abreast of local happenings.  Whatever be your persuasion or interest, everyone agrees there is more than adequate coverage of the events of the day.

It is common to get extremely involved with some of the reporting and the commentaries.  Many times a discussion can be initiated between those watching.  We all have opinions and the opinions can certainly vary among those in the room.  Hopefully, the conversation is genial.  But perhaps, not always!

The Moffitt Cancer Center must assume that our reactions to news can be upsetting.  On our last trip there, we noticed in each waiting area a sign under the televisions sets.  In the interest of a pleasant and calm environment, we will not be showing the news channels in the waiting room.  Do you realize what that sign really says?  News channels are prohibited in the areas where patients and families are sitting.  I asked myself, why?

I don’t have the answer to my question, but I do speculate on the reasons.  Many of the stations are biased.  They will give a slant to the news, particularly political news, to represent their position.  In a room of people, probably they would not all agree with the reporting and would prefer a different channel.  Perhaps the hospital prefers not to choose a station for fear it would be interpreted as their position on issues.  Perhaps some in the room would attempt to change the channel, against the will of others.  I can see how a battle of wills, or at least mental aggravation, could ensue.

Then, too, whatever be the news channel, conversations could occur between those in the waiting room.  The position of several could be stated aloud, and some people  can be very vocal, and thus an exchange of words could grow heated.  Or, at least, the intense discussion could be very upsetting to others in the room.

Another reason for not allowing news channels in the room could be the fear of some tragic news being reported.  In the waiting room, many people are distraught and worried.  Such sensitive news could cause deeper anxiety to those patients.  Certainly, there are justified reasons why the hospital will not allow the news channels.

This notice to the patients and families that they desire a pleasant and clam environment is a good prescription for all of us.  The news can be very upsetting to all of us.  Tragic news disturbs us, political news that is contrary to our philosophy draws ire,  and local events often shock us.  We cannot shield ourselves, but we would do well not to allow the television to create havoc and disturbance to us.

For our primary news source, I would recommend the Bible.  Although it reports tragedies, it is in the interest of a warning for us.  This news source will prepare us for living each day, and above all, it will report how much each person is loved.  It is filled with good news about protection, guidance, and blessings that are available to every person.

Why not seek first this news media.  It is good for soul, spirit, and body!  And besides, as you heed this news first, the news of the world as reported on television might have a better perspective.  Consider the Bible as a primary news source.  I assure you it will provide for a “pleasant and calm environment.”

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  (Psalm 119:105)  “Every word of God is flawless.”  (Proverbs 30:5)



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  1. Thank you so much. I just read yesterday’s post as well and it made me cry. What an awesome God we serve. We use Him and hurt Him so much, and He still forgives.

    Comment by Jody — March 31, 2010 @ 8:05 am | Reply

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