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April 9, 2010

Any Way He Chooses!

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There are many experiences in my life where God provided protection.  Many of  these I cannot explain how He provided the protection, but He was there!

There is one memory where God provided divine protection.  He intervened in a situation that could have been a tragedy.  How He did it goes beyond my ability to define.  However, only a powerful God could have brought the solution.  An omnipotent God can move upon an event when He chooses and in the way He chooses.  You have heard that said many times, but I knew this as a young man.

I was towing a car from Atlanta to Tampa. This was not a new experience for me.  As an older teenager I had made some extra money by helping a car dealership tow new cars from the river port in Alabama to the business in Atlanta.  There had been several unusual situations in that experience.  This trip would be routine, I was sure.  There were no interstate highways, and so I was traveling U.S. 41.  I was going through downtown Griffin, Georgia.  As I looked over to my left, I suddenly realized the car I was towing had come loose and in its freedom had moved to the other lane and was beside me.  This was a single lane street in each direction.

The car that had come loose was side-by-side with me, but in the wrong lane!  In those few seconds, I do not know what I thought, but evidently I must have decided to speed up a little with the hope that perhaps I could get over in front of it and let the loose car ram my car in the rear.  As I began to prepare for that move, I realized that a car was coming in the opposite lane, and the car that I had been towing would hit the other vehicle head on. 

Before I could make any reaction to the situation, the loose car suddenly slowed, and moved into my lane,  just behind me. An observer on the sidewalk would have assumed that the car had a driver and had decided not to pass me.  I began to break slowly, hoping the loose vehicle would jam against me without going out of control.  I felt a slight nudge from the trailing car as I began to break, and it seemed that the loose car was doing the same.  Within seconds, my car and the one that had been in tow came to a complete stop.  There was no rear end collision or swerving by the car that was behind me.

Now how can that happen?  It defies the law of everything.  There must be only one explanation.  I believe an omnipotent God intervened.  There were people on the sidewalks that could have been injured or killed by a car out of control  The car that was coming in the other lane could have been involved in a serious head on collision.  The possibilities of what could have happened staggers the imagination.  But I know that this  infinite, all-powerful God knows everything that is going on.  He is One who can be everywhere at the same time.  He can display any power that is needed in any situation.  He was the One there that day!

We must conclude with so many experiences that though we cannot understand the why or the how, we will give our God the credit and glory!  Allow God to be God.  Allow Him to choose the means by which He might fulfill His promise of divine protection over our lives.  And praise Him.  Thank Him!

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limits.”  (Psalm 147:5)  “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”  (Proverbs 15:3)



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