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April 15, 2010

Your Taxes are Paid!

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 Assuming that you have filed your income tax return for 2010, you can celebrate!  It is always a great feeling when we know the return is finished and mailed!  There is usually a sigh of relief.

Let me give you some good news!  You are now working for yourself in 2010.  When April 9 passed, the 99th day of 2010, Americans had worked and earned enough money to pay this year’s tax obligation. This is according to calculations by the Tax Foundation, using the latest government data.  This was assuming working for income 7 days a week.

Taxes are a necessity in our society.  There cannot be a society as we know it without taxes.  I do not resent taxes.  I feel I get more than my money’s worth!  However, when it comes to filing returns, I do get somewhat aggravated.

With the exception of only a few years, I have always done my own taxes.  Tax return forms get comical.  There are more ways to figure percentages than have been created it seems!  I think sometimes, those who constantly revise the returns, don’t know how to un-do what they did before, so they simply now take a percentage of that last change.  My explanation is just as confusing!  But if you do your own taxes, you know what I am saying!  In my self-employment tax return form where I am required to personally pay over 15% of my income for social security taxes, there are more lines of percentages than can be understood.  You take a percentage of the amount, subtract it from the above, take a percentage of that amount, subtract it, and take a percentage of the original amount.  Makes sense, eh?  I would like to believe that those who create the forms are smart enough to know where they want to arrive to be able to take a percentage, one time, of the first figure. 

Have you ever reviewed the tax code?  Presently there are over 9 million words in the tax code.  And consider all the loopholes, exemptions, and the confusion that exists.  Can anyone really know the entire code?  And tax forms!  There are presently 893 different forms!  I trust that the person who did your taxes knew all this!  There has been much in past years about a flat tax.  A flat tax sounds good, rather than a progressive rate.  I do believe all should be taxed equally.  There is no reason to require those who have higher incomes to pay more taxes.  Democracy should mean equality even in taxes.  Again, for many years, I have encouraged a simpler approach.  Tax everyone equally with no deductions and no tax return forms.

Let everyone be taxed equally.  There would be no deductions, filings, etc.  Employers would simply withhold and send the percentage required. Much like is done for your social security tax.  You never see the withholding nor do you have to file a return on what was withheld.  How easy it would be to know that you never had to file a return.  Imagine the national savings with such a decrease in Internal Revenue Bureau personnel.  Of course, many would still be needed to oversee reporting by self-employed persons and businesses.  Wouldn’t it be interesting for government to propose a national budget for a year.  Divide that by projected income of citizens and businesses so that you would know what percentage to tax everyone.  Surprise!  No national debt!  Government could spend only what they received! Of course, that will never occur . . . we are too far down the road!  But a school boy can dream . . . and I did!  But who knows, if an annual payment for the national debt was figured in, we just might pay it off someday!  And all future loans would be figured in the budget as a family does with a personal loan.

Well, I spoke my piece today!  But I want you to remember that we still live in the greatest county ever!  I remember Peter Marshall, Presbyterian minister and Chaplain in Congress, saying, “With all that is wrong with America, there is so much more that is right!”



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