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May 6, 2010

Three Trips to Daytona Beach — Part One

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Daytona Beach, Florida was always one of the places for family vacations. We vacationed the extremes — the mountains and coolness of north Georgia and North Carolina to the beaches and heat of Florida.  I have wonderful memories of those days.

Yet, recently in my memories, three specific trips to Daytona Beach have come to mind.  In remembering them, certain words came  which describe them.  The words are timidity, boldness, and disappointment.  Now those are three  words that describe emotions most of us have from time to time.  Take a journey with me . . . .  When I realized what a long journey it would be, I have broken this into three parts.

Timidity.  This means a lack of confidence or showing some hesitation.  We have seen it in children, and most of us would admit that we have experienced it ourselves. We may not be a timid person,  but most of us have had such moments!   I share one of mine with you. 

Shortly after I got my driver’s license, my parents allowed me to take their car and go to Daytona Beach with two friends.  It was a new car and I could not believe my parents would let me do this. At that time, there were only the old two-lane state highways.  Somewhere in south Georgia, several chickens ran across the road.  I could not avoid them and I hit two or three of them.  We did not stop as there was no reason.  There were no homes around and, of course, it was not my fault.  The front of the car did have a great amount of blood splattered on it, but we had not noticed.

When we arrived in Daytona Beach, a policeman pulled me over.  I was so nervous.  In fact, I was scared. I suddenly had no confidence.  He asked for my license.  Then he wanted to know who owned the car.  He could not believe that one 16 year old, and two 15 year olds, with an out-of-state tag on a new car, would be in Florida.  He assumed we had stolen the car.  But the matter became worse.  He was more concerned about the blood on the front of the car.  He questioned each one of us thoroughly.  He evidently believed we had been involved in a hit-and-run.  Imagine how timid and scared I  became.

Finally, after enough radio messages to his station and spending time with us, he decided that we were just three scared young boys.  He told us that we didn’t need to stay just anywhere at the beach, and that most places would not want to rent to three boys our ages.  Some might think we were runaways.  He suggested a rooming house and told us to follow him.  He introduced us to the owner, who at the policeman’s word, gladly rented to us.

I have never forgotten the fear and timidity that I had that day.  As one in Christ, I have a charge and a hope not to experience this today.   As a child of God, I must not fear or withdraw. I must not let others who are more bold or boisterous cause me to coward back. With the presence and power of Christ within me,  I am to have a confidence. I am strong in Christ.  I must never let others or situations intimidate me.  This does not mean I am to be a bully or intimidator, but in meekness we can be bold and confident through Him. 

 “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  (2 Timothy 1:7)



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