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May 8, 2010

Three Trips to Daytona Beach — Part Three

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Today, I share another memory from Daytona Beach, and how it brought an emotion to write about.

Disappointment.  This word needs no defining.  We know this feeling.  Everyone knows what it is for some hope or expectation to fail.  Our responses to disappointment are often expressed.  Others can see it in our spirit or even in our facial expression.  I was to know disappointment in Daytona Beach!

The following Saturday night I was back in Daytona Beach.  I had worked that summer in painting houses, cleaning and rebuilding septic tanks and lines, and had made what seemed a lot of money!  I had a friend who bought a new convertible, and we had planned for weeks to drive the entire coast of Florida and on to New Orleans.  This was to be our big fling before starting to college and work.  I knew that our schedule would bring us to Daytona Beach for a night. That is why I told the young lady that I would be back in Daytona the following week.

We arrived as planned on that Saturday.  I was prepared for the “big” date and had assured my friend that my date would have a young lady for him.  At the exact place and time, she was there!  However, she was surprised to see me.  She really had not expected me to be there, but she had come just to check!  It was a short conversation, but she told me that she had another date!  What?  After I had come all that long way for the date!  I am not sure how I expressed my disappointment, but I am sure I did.  Hopefully, it was not in anger, bur simply that my hopes had vanished!

Does that describe disappointment? You understand the word now.  Disappointment!  I was definitely disappointed.  Of course, I got over it very soon.  Most disappointments are that way.  Disappointments are part of life. We cannot prevent them, because we cannot control other people or all expected situations.

However, disappointments do not always mean that we missed something special.  There can be a good side to disappointments!  Think about it.  The disappointment we experience just might be a blessing!   Who can know?  If that date in Daytona Beach had happened as I expected, it might have been a terrible experience!

Remember God has a plan for us.  His plans will always be better than ours.  Trusting Him through a time of disappointment will give us a different perspective.  I have told many people that sometimes God’s best gifts are wrapped in disappointment!  Think about that in light of some of your disappointments in life.  Did something better come along?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him; who are called according to his purpose.”  (Romans 8:28)



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