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May 10, 2010

Cell Phone Dance

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Dancing has never been one of my favorite activities.  In fact, it was an activity I avoided as a youth.  That seemed to be an attitude I shared with the other fellows my age.

My first remembrance of dancing was in the seventh grade.  There was a school performance where we were to do a dance to the tune of Good Night, Ladies.  It was choreographed (we didn’t know that word in those days) where we danced around the stage with a partner, and then would change partners.  We were to hold hands with the young ladies as we performed.  However, there was a rebellion by all of us fellows.  Hold hands with a girl?  Not on your life!  Even if you liked the girl, you wouldn’t dare hold her hand.  I remember the frustration of the teacher.  At last, a compromise was reached.  The teacher provided unsharpened pencils.  The boy would hold one half of the pencil and the girl the other half!  We danced without touching!

Shortly after that our parents felt we needed some ‘culture.’  Arrangements were made with a lady in town who could teach ballroom dancing.  About 18 or 20 of us — equally divided between boys and girls — went once a week for our dance lessons.  I remember the agony.  Holding a girl’s hand and placing one hand at her waist, just a little around in the back! Ugh! I survived, but all of us fellows would have failed if graded!

Dancing was not part of our culture.  There were a few in school who enjoyed it.  The Jitterbug was the most popular.  That is a swing dance or the Lindy Hop.  It seemed to me that they were just jumping around, cutting loose, and going crazy!  Some schools began to have Sock Hops.  That mainly meant that you removed your shoes because it was required to protect the varnished floor in the gymnasium!

I do recall the introduction of other dances with the arrival of American Bandstand.  This program created dance fads such as the Twist, the Shag, and the Bop.  The girls wore poodle skirts with petticoats and saddle shoes.  Then came Elvis swinging his hips . . . well . . .!

But I have now been introduced to a new dance.  It has been around a few years, but I had not noticed.  It is the Cell Phone Dance.  I saw it the other day as I watched a lady talking on her cell phone.  She moved back and forth some ten feet several times. On occasion she would bend over in laughter.  I watched as she would raise one hand  at times.  She even switched the phone to the other ear.  There was nothing sensual about her dance, but it was entertaining!

I saw it again the next day.  An older teenager moved around with much energy.  She quickly moved back and forth that same ten feet.  However, she added a move.  She twirled around several times.  She would also bend over on occasion, and raise one arm.  Something on the other end of that cell phone really gave her excitement and motivation.

Judy says that I do the Cell Phone Dance.  Me?  I am not a dancer!  But whether on the cell phone or the wireless at home, she says I walk around, sit down, and constantly move!  I will concentrate more on the dance move of sitting down!

How about you?  Are you doing the Cell Phone Dance?  All you need is a cell phone and someone talking on the other end to you.  You are free to create your own moves!  Enjoy the Cell Phone Dance —  but just remember, someone is watching!



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  1. chuckle, chuckle! My grandson was the first I noticed dancing around as he talked on the “portable” phone. Then I began to notice that I did the same thing. Funny I hadn’t noticed until I saw him dancing and talking!

    Comment by drswht28 — June 8, 2014 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

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