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May 15, 2010

I Kissed the Ground

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Yes, I literally kissed the ground!  You have heard that or a similar expression. In ancient times, people would throw themselves down on the ground before their rulers and kiss the footprints of their rulers. Some kissed the ground to show they loved the land or place.  Men have often said about someone they love,  “I kiss the ground you walk on!”  It is a term that implies respect for the person or the place.

So when did I kiss the ground?  Shortly after we married, we moved from Florida to Texas to serve a church in San Angelo, Texas.  During this time, a church insisted that we come visit them as a prospective pastor.  We did not feel strongly inclined.  Often, invitations come to a pastor and often it is felt from the moment of the invitation that it does not need to be considered.  There was much of that feeling in this incidence, but for some reason we acquiesced and accepted.

The location was about an hour drive west of San Angelo.  I will not identify it because I do not want any possibility of what I say to imply a negative about the people or the church.  The only hint I would give is that it is the birth area of Laura Bullion.  Check her out, you western fans!  She was the famous female outlaw with the Butch Cassidy gang!

The small city was certainly isolated.  The population was less than 800 people, although there were ranchers and their families who lived outside town.  The people were gracious, and the church well organized with very adequate facilities.  However, it only took a few minutes after arrival for us to sense that this was not under God’s leadership.  It was not a reflection on the size of the church or the location.  It was simply a stong realization that God had other plans for us.

We fulfilled all our commitments for the visit without a hint of our feelings.  The time came for us to return to our home and place of service.  As we were driving down the road, I pulled the car over off the road  and got out.  Judy, of course, wondered  what I was doing.  On this lonely road, with no car in sight, I literally got down and kissed the ground.

Why?  I cannot tell you what was really behind such action, but I believe it was an outward act of what I felt in my heart.  There was an emotion of thankfulness that God was not calling us to that place, and that I had such respect for the leadership of God and the place of service we had in San Angelo.

I don’t need to literally kiss the ground in respect to God’s will or the place where He might now have us, but I do need to acknowledge constantly in my heart an appreciation and respect for His leadership over my life.  There needs to be a spirit within our hearts that we are bowing and  “kissing the ground” in honor, respect, and love for our Ruler, the Lord God Almighty!

” . . . then I praised the Most High; I honored and glorified him who lives forever.”  (Daniel 4:34)  ” . . . honor him, for he is your Lord.”  (Psalm 45:11)  ” . . . honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever.”  (Revelation 4:9)



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  1. thanks Rev, Jolly you always have the right stuff.

    Comment by tom thompson — May 15, 2010 @ 11:09 am | Reply

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