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May 19, 2010

Bank Robbery

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I would never have believed that I could be held for a bank robbery.  The thought never entered my mind.  But, some law enforcement agencies thought differently!  Who knows what such an accusation would have meant in my life if it had not been for a friend?

Here’s the story.  During the time that I worked as a junior underwriter for an insurance company, I attended classes at night.  I would catch various rides home after the evening classes.  Sometimes I would ride the bus, but most nights I could hook up with a friend.  I did have a sure ride on certain nights when a friend had classes.

One night as we were leaving school, a young lady he knew asked for a ride.  It would be out-of-the-way some, but I sensed he thought it might be an investment in his getting to know her!  As we traveled down the highway, she indicated that he would need to turn on the next dirt road.  My friend had sensed that some car was following us, or at least he was suspicious of the possibility.

As we turned off the paved road, the car behind us followed.  We all became somewhat curious.  The car behind kept some distance.    We continued to drive down the road knowing that this young lady lived only a few miles.

As we approached a crossroad, we saw a police car with flashing lights blocking the road.  Then the  vehicle behind us began to flash lights.  We realized that we had been followed down this dirt road, and back-up law enforcement had been called.  Evidently, these policemen knew they could block us at the crossroad and they had trapped us between these vehicles.

Of course, we stopped and were somewhat fearful about what was happening.  The deputies approached and ordered my friend and me out of the car.  They allowed the young lady sitting in the back seat to remain.  A deputy stayed by the car to observe her.

Questions came flying.  They wanted details of who we were, where we had been, where we were going, and why we were on this dirt road.  We nervously answered the questions as best we could.  There was radio contact with the police station, the checking of our identification, and making us feel like real criminals.  Of course, these policemen thought we were!

The young lady was hearing all the conversation.  As one of the policemen moved toward the car, she called out to him.  She spoke his name, and he turned to her.  They recognized one another.  He began to talk with her, and she gave testimony to all the questions that were being asked.  Then it was explained to the officer in charge, and on the word of the young lady and the officer who knew us, we were released.

Then they all laughed, although it was not funny to us.  They explained that a bank had been robbed late that afternoon, and the men had gotten away in a vehicle that was identical to the one my friend owned.  We had been spotted, and when we turned off on the dirt road, the deputy following us was sure it was an evasive tactic, and so he had radioed for help.

It was a story to tell.  But can you imagine what it would have done to our reputation if it had been on a more public road where friends may have seen us?  It is so easy for our reputation to be soiled by the appearance of evil.  It is my desire to live a lifestyle that would not give even the hint of living contrary to the plan of my Father for me.  There may be times when we can be misjudged as with this incident, but I can control where I go,  with whom I associate, and what I choose to do in my conduct.  My Lord expects that of me.

“Avoid the appearance of evil.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:27)  “Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”  (Romans 12:9)  “Turn from evil and do good; then you will always live securely.”  (Psalm 37:27)



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