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June 2, 2010

Our First Home

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Home ownership is joy and blessing.  For many of the early years of our marriage, we did not own a home.  We had rented homes, and we had lived in church-owned homes.  In many ways, we probably assumed that we would not ever own a home until retirement, and then only if we could afford it.

We returned from the mission field for medical reasons, and we were waiting  re-assignment to a location in the world that would have adequate medical facilities.  While we  were in this waiting period, we were invited by a church to join with them in their mission to reach people where God had planted them.  After several weeks, we determined that this was God’s will for our life and so we resigned our appointment with the Foreign Mission Board and accepted this church ministry.

The church would provide a housing allowance, but not church-owned housing.  The monthly allowance was generous and adequate for us to rent or purchase a home.  We, of course, desired to purchase a home, but coming from the mission field, we had only a few hundred dollars in savings.  All the homes that we desired to consider, were not possible to purchase because of the large down payment.

During this period, I received a phone call from a man in town.  He was not Baptist, but a committed Christian.  Judy and I knew this man.  A few years before, Judy’s father entered into a business relationship with this man.  Her dad had a paving business, and he joined with this man in building shopping centers across the state.  This man had come to know us through Judy’s father, and he had been on our mailing list when we sent letters from the mission field.

As we talked over the phone, he shared his joy that we were going to be serving a church in town.  He told me that he was aware we were looking for a home.  As I replied affirmatively, he asked if we had looked at a certain development in town.  I again affirmed what he said, but replied that those homes were new and out of our price range.

He then told me to go see the developer.  I did not ask why, but felt that this individual would not waste my time or his.  I knew it was something we must do.  So, the next day we went to the office of the developer.  He pointed to several homes that were at the point of being finished.  He looked at Judy and suggested she look at paint charts as to what colors she wanted.

We were confused.  Without appearing too ignorant, I did inquire what was going on.  He showed me a contract and what the monthly payments would be.  “Hold on,” I responded.  “We can’t afford this house . . . and even the monthly payments were over what we had planned.”  This was much, much more house than we would have ever thought we could own.

He then looked at us both with an expression that we could afford it.  He asked us if we knew what had happened.  We both responded that we did not.  He then explained that this businessman had  made a down payment that was far beyond what was required and a hefty amount of the total cost.  Talk about confused, ecstatic, thankful!

We were blessed with this new home–which was the first home we ever owned.  And the benefactor?  He was emphatic that  no strings were attached.  He said that when God might move us somewhere else, the total sale of the house was ours.  He invested in us . . . and we are blessed today through that gift!

Do we ever need to doubt how God will bless and meet our needs?  It may not be in a large down payment on a home, but it can be something that seems so small.  Yet, it is something God knows we need at that time, and He will provide.  As in all things, trust and depend on Him.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19)



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