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June 3, 2010

The Gift of Doubt

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I hope you have read my blog for April 26, 2010 entitled,  In God We Trust,  I revealed how easily we jump on rumors.  Oh, we don’t know that it is a rumor; we just assume it is true.  When I get emails or contacts about some issue, I am skeptical until I check it out.  I guess you can say I am a doubter. 

It is all right to doubt.  God gave us the ability to doubt.  It is a gift that is to be used properly, of course.  We will miss some of the best truths and discoveries ever, if we are not open to question some things.  Consider Christopher Columbus.  Everyone in his time claimed the world was flat.  Columbus obviously said, “I doubt that.”  And he followed that doubt to the truth that the world was round!

The extreme of questioning things is when you question everything!  If you make doubt a way of life, you will become a person no one likes to be around, and you will find yourself living a confused and tormented life.  But, don’t hesitate to question some things you hear.  Have the intelligence to see if it is true.  If you fall into a habit of believing everything you hear or read, you are in danger of believing a lie.

That brings me to the purpose of this blog.  In the blog, In God We Trust, I tried to show how rumors about the inscription, In God We Trust  being removed from our coins was false.  I likewise spoke of other issues such as the words, “under God” being removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, and the long-time rumor about banning religious programs from radio and television.

In issues that deal with our faith, we should be extremely careful how we propagate untruths.  If we bark falsely too often, we will have no credibility on the real issues.

With all that said, I present to you one of the latest rumors making the rounds on the Internet today.  It is about Pepsi producing a patriotic can with the Pledge of Allegiance printed on it, but leaving out the words, “under God.  I was concerned, but I desired to be cautious.  I immediately contacted Pepsi.  I indicated to them if this was true, I would aggressively participate in a boycott, but if it was false, I would make it known. Within an hour I received a response.  Here is the response:                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Dear Lawson,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the e-mail you received. I’d like to quickly reassure you that this is a false rumor.

Here is some information that I hope will clarify the erroneous rumor that is circulating on the Internet. Below is what has been posted on to set the record straight.

Please feel free to pass this information along. We would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help stop this hurtful rumor that has confused many people. It is clearly something that we would never do.


You’ve received an erroneous email about a “patriotic can” that Pepsi allegedly produced with an edited version of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. The truth is, Pepsi never produced such a can. In fact, this is a hoax that has been circulating on the Internet for more than six years. A patriotic package used in 2001 by Dr Pepper (which is not a part of PepsiCo) was inappropriately linked to Pepsi. Thanks for giving us the chance to clarify the situation and please feel free to share this message with anyone else who may have received the erroneous email. Details of the hoax can be found at

Vicki Kennedy
Consumer Relations Supervisor

I am grateful for the response and the truth.  My encouragement to you is that you exercise a God-given gift.  Don’t be known as a skeptic, but as one who seeks to separate what is false from what is truth.  That is a good practice when it comes to spiritual things you hear!  Be such a student of the Word that you will know truths from untruths.

“Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value a man who speaks the truth.”  (Proverbs 16:13)  “I have chosen the way of truth.”  (Psalm 119:30)  “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  (John 8:32)



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