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June 4, 2010

The Index

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As the number of readers continues to increase, many have missed what I consider my “best” blogs.  Those about my early days and the time we lived out of the country.  Although they are all in the archives, it can be time consuming to go through each month to retrieve a blog.  Often I will refer to an earlier blog and give the date so that it can be retrieved.  I apologize to you who aren’t interested in this index.  I will be back on track tomorrow.

But I did promise sometime back to give an index that can be printed or saved.  So, today, here is the index through the month of May.  I have put a few hints to describe the subject.

I would use this opportunity, also, to remind you that you can subscribe (at no cost obviously) to receive the blogs through your email.  Just click to the right and follow the instructions.  You can discontinue at any time.  I do remind you that some will receive the blogs in various formats.  It depends upon your Internet Provider.

 Thanks again for your interest and support.

Index to Blogs

December 2009

15 Why Am I Blogging?

16 Clearwater, Florida  (My history with Clearwater; meeting Judy)

17 A Quarter and Two Apples  (My Experience as a thief)

18 The Joys of Christmas  (Driving home from Texas)

19 Angels at Christmas  (As a six-year old rolling down hill in car)

20 Don’t Miss Christmas 

21 From Comfort to Chaos  (Life in turmoil)

22 The Blessing of Sharing  (Helping stranded man; family with children)

23 Tidbits and . . .

26 My First Car  (1936 Chevy)

27 Stone Mountain, GA — Part 1  (Some history of Stone Mountain)

28 Stone Mountain, GA — Part 2  (My growing up in Stone Mountain)

29 Ku Klux Klan  (My exposure to the Klan)

30 Sandhill Cranes  (Birds in our backyard)

31 Celebrating a New Year 

January 2010

1 What’s Coming up in 2010?

2 Rescue at the Quarry  ( My almost drowning)

3 Does God always Rescue?

4 Clarkston, GA  (Changes in my hometown)

5 Peachtree Creek  (My playground)

6 Coca Cola Memories  (Family investment)

7 Temptation 

8 Strengthen Your Marriage  (Diagram)

9 Dr. Pepper

10 “Ain’t She Sweet?”  (Playing the accordion)

11 “Flying by the Seat of your Pants”  (Flying in Costa Rica)

12 Jolly’s Store — Part One  (Family)

13 Jolly’s Store — Part Two

14 Haiti — Memories and Grief  (Remembering my days there)

15 Thursday Afternoons  (Grandchildren)

16 Voodoo in Haiti — My Encounter  (Meeting the witch doctor)

17 I Shot the Horse

18 Heroes

19 Fourth Quarter of Life  (Aging)

20 Hitchhiking  (From Texas to Georgia)

21 Soar Like an Eagle!

22 Tarpon Springs, Florida  (Our life there)

23 Elevator Fall (My experience)

24 First Date

25 A Good Perspective on Bad Things

26 Wise or Foolish?

27 My First Convertible

28 Missed Maricaibo  (God kept us from moving there)

29 Never Too Old  (My Dad in Korea)

30 For Love’s Sake  (What I will eat for Judy)

31 Kumquats

February 2010

1 Hunger in Haiti  (My experience there)

2 An Act of Compassion

3 Soldier of Fortune  (My dream as a young man)

4 Time to Plant

5 Aunt Ophelia  (Daughter of slave; thankful spirit)

6 My Lack of Forgiveness  (Threat on my life)

7 Profiling  (Men who came to church)

8 Florida Gators  (Not football team, real gators)

9 Crank Calls

10 Can Angels Drive?  (My 180 mile trip while delirious)

11 Volcano Irazu  (View from our bedroom window)


13 Mariel Boatlift  (Our involvement in Miami)

14 Nora, Our Empleada

15 Miles and Miles in the Dark  (Walking at night in jungle)

16 Beatniks 

17 Hippies

18 Streetcars

19 Bullfighting  (my first bullfight)

20 The Price of VMlue  (Man not leaving home in flood)

21 Stormy Seas  (At sea in storm)

22 Pinsetter  (Work as college student)

23 Skydiving  (My desire)

24 Hit the Aspirin in the Air  (Learning to do it)

25 Stranded  (Marooned with other fellows)

26 The VW Bus!

27 Barber Shop Talk

28 Fried Chicken  (Eating a stuffed chicken in the jungle)

March 2010

1 Global Warming?

2 The President and Prayer

3 Use It or Lose It

4 Friends

5 Bullies

6 An Eye for an Eye  (Get revenge?)

7 Good Advice

8 My First Church

9 Sequirres  (We were outcast in town)

10 Thank You

11 My First Trip Into Space

12 Careless Character

13 Five Stones  (Facing giants in life)

14 The Sheep Next Door

15 The Goat in My Room

16 The Seasons of Life  (Growing older)

17 The Robber and the Mask  (Robbers breaking into our home)

18 Moonshine and Fish Bait  (Moonshine stills as a boy)

19 Thankful for a Chair  (Door opening while we slept)

20 The U-Haul Truck on I-75  (God’s protection over me)

21 Cast Netting for Mullet  (Leaning to throw the net)

22 True Grit  (My maternal grandmother)

23 Feisty Lady  (My paternal grandmother)

24 I Was Left off the List!  (List of rich people)

25 Don’t Be Like A Mule 

26 Profit from the Mule

27 A Real Rock

28 Dedicated to . . .

29 My Family and World War II

30 Emergency Landing  (Landing in Atlanta)

31 No News Channels Allowed

April 2010

1 My time in Jail . . . and Prison  (Confession)

2 Lessons from the Panama Canal

3 Feeling All Alone  (Alone in the bush country)

4 The Power is in the Presence  (Living with my grandmother)

5 Bill and Ruth

6 The Stopper  (Stopper in old bottles)

7 Cotton Field Hazards — Part 1  (Working for the USAB)

8 Cotton Field Hazards — Part 2

9 Any Way He Chooses!  (Car in tow came loose)

10 Is God Dead?  (Emory and my involvement)

11 What Price Would I Pay?  (My heritage)

12 Where Was God? 

13 Carter-Munsch Baptist Church  (Student pastorate)

14 Losing The Race 

15 Your Taxes Are Paid!

16 Response to a Crisis (Car accident; no one helped)

17 Remember?  (Old time radio series)

18 Perhaps You Remember These? (Early years of television)

19 Back to Tarpon Springs  (Return visit)

20 Whose Time Table? 

21 John Wesley Hardin

22 Give Me Patience! 

23 In The Name of Religion  (Our motives)

24 Hadacol

25 Sweet Tea

26 In God We Trust  (Signing petitions, etc)

27 Boyhood Dreams  (Soldier of fortune)

28 Getting Smarter Every Day (?)

29 Does This Count?  (Child praying)

30 The Church Tested — Part One  (Testimony; race issue)

May 2010

1 The Church Tested — Part Two  (con’t; fired from church)

2 The Church Tested — Part Three  (con’t)

3 Suicide Knob  (Steering knob on old car)

4 Shoes of Praise  (Man who walked in jungle)

5 Mayday, Mayday, Mayday 

6 Three Trips to Daytona Beach- 1  (Lessons from trips)

7 Three Trips to Daytona Beach- 2

8 Three Trips to Daytona Beach- 3

9 Motherhood

10 Cell Phone Dance

11 E.T., Are You Out There?  (Life in outer space)

12 Spiritual Giant  (Dr. W.A. Criswell)

13 Cat in the Pulpit  (Cat crawling on me while preaching)

14 Preacher Extraordinaire  (Dr. R.G. Lee)

15 I Kissed the Ground

16 Statesman, Scholar, Stimulator  (Dr. Kyle Yates)

17 Why Do I Continue to Blog?

18 The Plain Talker  (Dr. Manford Gutzke)

19 Grass Cutting  (my love)

20 Bank Robbery  (Stopped by police)

21 Santeria  (Cult worship at our church)

22 With the Billy Graham Team

23 A Testimony (Police officer)

24 Sleeping in Church  (My falling asleep in the pulpit)

25 Two Worlds  (Our back and front yards)

26 I Imprisoned Myself  (I wouldn’t forgive)

27 Treasure Hunter

28 Speaking a Foreign Language  (Friend buying diapers)

29 Inchon  (Korea experience)

30 Stingrays and Blimps  (St. Simons Island as a boy)

31 Two Times Dead  (Two people I couldn’t help)


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