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June 5, 2010

One Less Gator

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Breakfast started as usual.  About the time we finished the last sip of coffee, the call came!  “There’s a gator in the yard!”  That is not what you expect the first thing in the morning.

But the gator was there.  He had come from the lake way up into the yard.  Now to know my feelings about gators, please read my blog,  Florida Gators,  In that blog I shared something about gators, but then spoke of our fear of them in the lake, especially with the children skiing and wake boarding.  I do believe we are over-protecting gators at the rate they multiply.

And if you shoot that pesky gator, you become the criminal.  It is hard to claim self-defense when the laws seem to favor the creatures.  So what do you do when they become a pest or threat?  You call 911.  The sheriff’s department dispatches officers as well as call for a gator trapper.

The officers come to protect the citizens, thankfully.  They are there for safety purposes.  They attempt to keep spectators from getting too close to an aggressive gator.  Remember, a gator can outrun a horse for the first 30 feet!  Then, too, the officer, I assume has the authority to shoot the gator if it is in protection of human life.  We at least get some things straight!                                                                                        

The gator trapper arrived moments after the officers.  This experienced trapper wasted no time conquering the creature.  Duct tape around the jaws, and the legs tied!  He suddenly seemed harmless!  But he is still a gator and dangerous.  It took the trapper and the two officers to lift it into the truck.

This was not an old alligator, but it was still 7 feet long!  Why he had come this far up into the yard, no one knows.  But it is gone, and everyone is glad about that.  One less gator to worry about!  Thought you might enjoy a couple of photos.

I know there is lots of advice and lessons that people will share with us, like “Don’t get in the lake!”  “Keep the dogs away from the edge of the lake!”  “Fence the yard so they can’t get in!”  And many other words!  Bottom line–it goes with the territory.  Just like hurricanes–you accept many things in order to live in paradise!

But such lessons might have some application to life.  There are many things that come into my life (parable of a yard) that should not be there.  Some things I could keep out by putting up a fence or staying away from the edge of the water.  I can also do my part by not going into the water–those places and among people that would seek to devour my spiritual life. You know what I mean. 

 I should protect myself from evil by allowing the Spirit of God to so impact my life that Satan or evil influences or habits cannot enter my life.  Perhaps the gator in the yard was to be a reminder to me of how I must always be on guard for those things that will come into my life–invited or not!  I am blessed to be reinforced with a great security system.  Because of Him, I have a power that can repel the unwanted in my life.

“He that is within me is greater than he that is within the world.”  (1 John 4:4)



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