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June 7, 2010

Chartreuse Socks

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Did you ever feel you were not up-to-date with the way you dressed?  Have there been times when you knew you were not wearing the latest fad?  Oh, can I remember such times!  And it was painful.  I wanted so badly to be dressed like everyone else.

Those were the days of ‘strange’ dress as you look back and compare with today.  Some of you will recall those days!  I was in style in many ways.  We boys combed our hair like Jimmy Dean (if you can’t go back that far, remember Elvis).  We carried a short comb that would slide in the back pocket.  We wore no belt with our jeans, and we turned the jeans up one turn as a cuff, but did not sew it in that position.  The short sleeves were also rolled up — two turns.  If you wore a T-shirt, then you could roll the left sleeve up a large turn to hold a pack of cigarettes.  It may all seem strange, but we all did it because we wanted to be in vogue and like everyone else.

But one day, something was added.  Fellows and girls came to school with chartreuse socks!  These were bright.  A mixture of green and yellow!  The girls wore these sock with their saddle loafers.  Most fellows had saddle loafers also and since the jeans were rolled up, the socks could be seen.  I beheld this strange look that first day!  Between the shoes and the rolled up jeans, I beheld those bright chartreuse socks.  I had never seen them before.  How did all of them get together on the same day to wear them?  Why hadn’t I been told?

Over the next several weeks, they were the rage at school.  However, I did not have any, and my parents would not allow me to have a pair.  Can you imagine my feelings as I walked down the hall at school.  Chartreuse socks everywhere!  But not on my feet!  It was those dull old black or brown socks.  (White athletic socks were only worn when playing basketball!)

I suffered during those weeks . . . or what seemed a whole school year.  Constantly I begged my parents.  Even though I could buy them with my own money, I knew my only choice was to obey my parents.  I cannot tell you what caused the change in my parents’ opinion of my wearing chartreuse socks, but the day came when they folded!  They gave in and said I could have a pair of those socks.  I raced to the store and bought a pair.

I was so excited about wearing them the next day.  I believe I rolled my jeans up higher than what was the rule!  But I wanted everyone to see my chartreuse socks.  And oh, did I get what felt like a ‘hit in the mouth’ the next morning at school.  There were very few who had chartreuse socks.  Many had gone back to the old colors.  I would like to have believed that everyone’s socks were dirty that day and left at home to be washed.  But that was not my luck.  Over the next several days, I seemed to be the only one wearing chartreuse socks!  Boy, was I out of step!  What a feeling to know you are not in style . . . again!

If we seek to conform to all the styles, customs, behaviors, and attitude of those around us, we can get into serious trouble.  But we don’t like to be an odd-ball, and so the tendency is to follow the crowd!  That is not our role as Christians.  We are not to seek being like everyone else.  We have One who is our model.  So what, if we are out of step with the world? 

Henry David Thoreau said: “If a man does not walk in step with his contemporaries, perhaps it is because he has heard the sound of a different drummer.”  That happened to me.  I heard the cadence of my Lord, and I seek to follow Him.  I will not attempt to be in step with the world.  I will follow the One who never changes, and who brings peace and security.

“Do conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ”  (Romans 12:2)  “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus . . . .”  (Hebrews 12:2) 




  1. Yes, I remember your combed back hair! It always seemed to me you were well dressed. Maybe I wasn’t with the fads either. Good to see you are still preaching the word and it should like you have had, and are having, a good life. Gail

    Comment by gail starling marshall — June 9, 2010 @ 8:31 pm | Reply

  2. I can sure remember the days of not being able to “keep up with the Jones'”. It seems to me that it is a part of our gradual incline to “going from milk to the meat of God’s Word” At the time it seems sooooooo important, like it could be the end of the world if we can’t get those THINGS that are so important at the time.

    Comment by doriswhite — February 13, 2012 @ 11:42 am | Reply

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