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June 12, 2010

Recalling the Past

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How often have I exclaimed at a yard sale, “I remember those . . . !”  Or we are browsing through an antique shop, and I said almost the same thing, “We used to have one of those . . . !”  And that gets me started on recalling the past.

It is so easy to take a mental trip to the past–those days when I was younger!  Those bygone days!  Those days that were filled with wonder and excitement.  And I have discovered that I make that journey more often in these days!  I know family and friends probably tire of some of my remembrances.  I see an object, or I hear a subject being discussed, and before I know it I am sharing something from my early years.

Some use the word nostalgia.  That is an acknowledgment of what something long ago meant to me. I have not totally grown up.  Like young boys, I still have a treasure box.  Well, not actually a box, but a drawer.  I began to look through it the other day.  And there came those memories!  Several objects prompted a recall.  I dreamed a little, and fortunately no one was around to hear me verbalize about the items.  But you are in for it today!

There was an old hunting knife.  It is still in the fragmented sheath, and the knife is a little rusty.  I remember as I became old enough to join the Boy Scouts, my parents agreed to let me have this knife.  It was, and is, a treasure.  I learned to throw the knife with some accuracy.  It has great balance for throwing.  It has been used to skin animals.  It has been the tool to use to check meat on the campfire, and it was used for a hard game of “root-the-peg.”

Then I spotted an old canteen.  It is from WW I.  It belonged to my grandparents, but it caused me to recall those Wednesday afternoons during the summer.  They would always go fishing, and usually would take me.  I didn’t do a lot of fishing because I had rather play in the boat.  And I was always thirsty.  This canteen they brought every week with water, and kept it cold.  It was just for me!  I can almost taste that cold water.  And then I often caused the suction to adhere the mouth of the canteen to my mouth.  It didn’t really hurt, but I didn’t do it for pleasure.

In the drawer was an old ration book from WW II.  I recalled going to the store during the war.  If you wanted to buy certain things like sugar, you had to have the ration stamp.  Dad could not buy gas without the ration stamps.  This recalled many memories of those war years.  (Check my blog, entitled, My Family and World War II,

The big item among these treasures was the old five-fingered baseball glove.  What a treasure!  Certainly not many of these around!  It is still in pretty good shape.  There are some broken places, and it is flat.  For some reason, I took the padding out because everyone else did.  I put my hand in the glove and for a moment could almost feel the sting of the ball hitting in the pocket without padding.  Ouch!  The other thing that was done in those days was to write the name of your girlfriend on the glove in different places.  I noticed several places where I had written.  The old ink had remained through the years.  But every name and heart was heavily drawn through!  Guess the romance didn’t last, and I crossed the name out.  Wrote another, crossed it out.  The glove is not a good commentary on my love life in 7th through about 9th grade!

Down in the corner was another treasure.  It was a Sunday School pin with eight bars hanging below it.  Oh, I remember!  We always went to Sunday School!  It was the rule of the house.  My parents intended for us to have a perfect record.  In order for it to happen, I have been in Sunday School in many different places!  In my living room when I was sick and my Sunday School class came to me; with the Indians on the reservation; a church in Las Vegas, and a multitude of country churches near good fishing!  It also reminded me that I was not a good Sunday School student.  I regret that I did not pay better attention to those teachers who gave of themselves to teach me.

Well, I have taken you down my memory lane.  I can enjoy the journey . . . nostalgia, but I cannot relive those days.  I must live today and anticipate tomorrow!  I build memories everyday!  Yet, those from long ago bring joy!  But, again, it is today and tomorrow that will continue to be full of joy and excitement.  I am embracing everyday and seeking to build memories.

Above all memories is what God has done for me!  Those are the ones I should most recall and celebrate.  He has done so much in my life.  It is not nostalgia.  It is more than a memory–it is the reality of God being in my life every day.  And so I live today with an awareness of what He is doing for me today!  Enjoy your memories, and may your  first  be the many wonderful things God has done for you.

“He has caused his wonders to be remembered . . . .”  (Psalms 111:4)



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