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June 21, 2010

An Admonishment

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This blog may be a little strong.  However, I believe that with the many readers of this blog, some impact can be made to avoid the propagation of untruths.

I believe it is imperative that you read three of my previous blogs to capture the intent of this blog.  Please read or reread my blogs, The President and Prayer, ;  April 26, 2010,  In God We Trust,;  and especially The Gift of Doubt,

In these three previous blogs, I addressed how we receive articles over the Internet or petitions passed along to us concerning issues that should concern us —  especially if they are true!  However, I addressed several that are entirely false, and  that we should be cautious about forwarding them.  At no time should we be part of defaming individuals,  distorting issues, or being involved in a hoax.

But it has happened again!  Within the last three days, I have received forwards on several issues that were totally false when I checked them out.  Remember, I am the fellow who believes we were given a gift to doubt and question in order that we can know truth.

Perhaps you have seen some of these.  One concerns HR 1388, a House Bill signed by the President.  The gist of the false interpretation was that the President allocated money for bringing Hamas families to the United States to live.  The bill, supported by both Republicans and Democrats, did allow for monies to aid those caught in the struggle in Palestine and other areas–but nothing related to bringing them to America.

Another had to do with President Obama on Meet The Press.  The transcript, supposedly  from an interview before he was elected, credited him with being anti-American because he hated the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and had made other derogatory comments.  Obama has never been on Meet The Press.  This was taken from a satirical rant by John Seemen.  Regardless of feelings toward someone, we should not be a part of such character assassination.

And if those were not bad enough, today we received a bulletin from a church.  There was an insert  concerning Andy Rooney and his remarks on 60 Minutes.  Although he has appeared multiple times on the program, a search of the past ten years on the program show nothing of such remarks.  The remarks he supposedly uttered are disgraceful.  However, the form in which it is now appearing has been cleaned up some in language, but not in spirit.  This Internet hoax has been around since 2000.  He has denied it, and has threatened to sue the person who has initiated this.

I am not defending any of the people or the issues.  I am embarking on an admonishment.  Please don’t participate in passing emails unless you know they are true!  We get excited sometimes when it seems we have ammunition to use against those persons or issues we dislike.  However, you probably only receive those from friends who know your positions and feelings.  I imagine that others of another persuasion are doing the same against those persons and issues you support!

You can usually find the truth on these matters by going to the network or paper that is given as reference.  In their archives will be the facts.  You can also search under the subject or heading of the email you receive.  You will probably be taken to some of the following sites.  If not, use these sites for reference.  One of the best is  Others are;;  and there are many others who have done our work for us.

Again, be wise!  Question!  Doubt!  Seek truth!



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  1. Thanks, Lawson, for this much-needed admonishment. Maggie

    Comment by Maggie King — June 21, 2010 @ 7:23 am | Reply

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