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June 23, 2010

Looking Over My Shoulder

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“Looking over my shoulder” is an expression most of us have heard, or even said.  Sometimes it refers to the fact that we think someone is looking over our shoulder to watch what we are doing.  Sometimes it refers to looking back over our shoulder to see what is behind us.  The title of this blog, however, is a reference to something else.

Let me set the stage.  We were recently at a large convention.  We had the joy of seeing friends we have known for years.  We met many other people for the first time and conversations ensued because of our common calling to ministry and places of services.

I picked up on a nuance.  I have known it for years, but I believe that I had forgotten about it.  I confess, I  was guilty many years ago until I concentrated on the rudeness.  I encountered it several times during our days at the convention.  Here is the scenario.  You meet someone, shake hands, and begin a conversation about family, service, and all of what we have in common.  As I would look at the person, the person would only occasionally look directly at me.  That person would constantly “look over my shoulder.”  But he was not standing behind me! He was face-to-face!  He would look over my shoulder to those areas behind or beside me.  He was attempting to see other people that he might know.  He was looking over my should to see what was beyond me.

When someone is talking to me, I would appreciate their focus on our conversation more than being seen by others.  I do think it is rude to look over someone’s shoulder rather than expressing an interest in our friendship and conversation.  Forgive me for those times I have done it.  And I encourage you to be aware of such, because it speaks volumes.  Does my friend really care about me?  Is he really interested in what I am saying? 

Experiencing this these past days has prompted me to examine something in my relationship to my Heavenly Father.  Am I guilty of doing this with my Lord?  Do I stand before the Father or in His presence, figuratively speaking, but my mind is somewhere else?  Am I thinking of other things?  Am I ignoring His presence because I am looking beyond the moment?  Oh, how I fear there are times when I am looking beyond Him and focusing on myself or some other situation.

I am confident in my conversations with my Lord, He is ever focused directly on me.  “He does not take his eyes off the righteous.”  (Job 36:7)  I must do no less in my speaking to Him.  “. . . but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.”  (Proverbs 17:25)  May my commitment be “My eyes are ever on the Lord.”  (Psalm 25:15)

“I life up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven.”  (Psalm 123:1)  “But my eyes are fixed on you O Sovereign Lord.”  (Psalm 141:8)



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