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July 8, 2010

Peanut Butter

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If I could only have one food product with me in case I was lost, it would be peanut butter.  I believe that I could survive as long as the peanut butter lasted!  And research has proved that peanut butter can be kept unrefrigerated for two years and requires no cooking!  That gives me a long time to be lost in the wilderness!

All my life I have loved peanut butter!  My early, self-made sandwiches, were simply mustard and mayonnaise.  Then I discovered I could make a peanut butter sandwich!  Oh, did my life change!  That was the only snack I cared for.  For as early as I can remember, I carried a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch to school everyday!  I didn’t care what kind of bread or what kind of jelly I had–just so I could taste that peanut butter!

Several individuals are acknowledged to have contributed to the producing of peanut butter.  Several U.S. patents were registered by various men and companies–each closing in on the product we now know.  Perhaps the closest product to what we know was available in 1890.  A medical doctor encouraged George Bayle, Jr., the owner of a food product company, to process and  produce a peanut paste as a protein substitute for people with bad teeth who couldn’t chew.  Mr. Bayle began selling the product, peanut butter, out of a barrel for six cents per pound.

C.H. Sumner was the first to introduce peanut butter to the world at the Universal Exposition of 1904 in St. Louis.  He sold $705.11 of the treat at his small concession stand, and peanut butter was on its way to becoming America’s favorite.

Peanut butter can provide more energy-giving calories than an equal weight of beefsteak.  Perhaps that is why I  would choose it if lost in the  wilderness, or needing a “pick-me-up” snack!  Yes, peanut butter is part of my diet and life!

What kind of peanut butter do I prefer?  Smooth or crunchy?  I fall in the results of a survey taken concerning preferences between smooth and crunchy.  It was discovered through a survey that women and children prefer creamy, while men prefer crunchy.  Now I said I fall in the results, but I didn’t say to which side.  My confession is that I side with the women and children.  Could it be because smooth was all I ever knew until I was grown?

When we lived out of the country, peanut butter was difficult to locate in stores.  When it was located, the price was exorbitant.  For a period of time we did not purchase any, but soon came to the conclusion that we would rather buy peanut butter than some meats!  We also had friends in Africa who made their own peanut butter!

I like peanut butter cookies, pies, and most anything with the taste.  I have a friend who even has peanut butter on toast in the mornings!  There are many uses for peanut butter.  It can be used as a bird feeder.  Smear peanut butter on a pine cone and then sprinkle the bird seed.  And did you know that it is an effective bait for mouse traps?

Consumer agencies have reported that Americans eat more than 700 million pounds each year.  And here is your new thing to learn today.  Some people almost get hysterical when peanut butter sticks to the roof of their mouth.  The medical term to describe such is ‘arachibutyrophobia.’

There are many people who know this about me.  Most evenings, I eat a peanut butter sandwich!  I also, almost always, without exception have a peanut butter sandwich on Sunday evening before I preach.  Remember the energy-giving calories it has?  I am not sure I needed to confess this because of a comment I received one time after telling about having a peanut butter sandwich before I preach.  I spoke of how I felt it strengthened me and helped me preach.  After a Sunday evening service, a gentleman said, “Preacher, you didn’t need to eat that sandwich; it really didn’t help.”

Nevertheless, I will continue my diet of peanut butter!  There will always be peanut butter at our house. Why not enjoy the pleasures of life that are healthy for you?  And besides, I want to be Scriptural.

“In the house of the wise are stores of choice food . . . .”  (Proverbs 21:20)



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  1. I perfer crunchy, I don’t follow the norm either! 🙂

    Comment by MaryHenry — July 13, 2010 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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