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July 13, 2010

Groceries Delivered!

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The strange looking bike to the right was no stranger to me!  I pedaled a similar bike miles and miles as a young teenager.  This bike is called a freight bike or delivery bike.

It has a smaller front wheel than the rear, and the basket does not attach to the front wheel so that the weight in the basket will not cause the bike to become cumbersome as the wheel is turned.  The basket, attached to the frame, allows heavy loads to be transported.

Usually there is a sign hanging from the straddle bar advertising the company making the delivery.  There is a double kick stand on the front to support the bike and basket in an upright position.  These are heavy bikes, and a rider must pedal hard to move forward.  Add weight in the basket, and the legs of the rider will be aware of his weight, that of the bike, and the cargo in the basket.

In our family store (;, such a bike was part of our delivery service.  When customers  called in an order of groceries, often it would be delivered by bike.  If the regular deliveries by car or truck had gone out for the morning or late afternoon, then other deliveries were made by bike.

I had the joy (?), pleasure (?), and delight (?) to make such deliveries!  It is fun to brag about it today, but it was not anything that I would have chosen to do.  But being the right age  and male child of the family–who else would be chosen?  There were times that I thought I would never make it up some hills.  Often I would be pushing the bike and the load up the hill.  I might have in the basket with other groceries, a case of coke or a 5 gallon can of kerosene.

I do recall two incidents with the bike.  I was in 7th grade and I certainly did not want to be at the store on that afternoon making deliveries.  My rebellious  spirit expressed itself.  After making the delivery–I needed to wait until after the delivery because of milk and other items in the order–I decided if I didn’t go back to the store immediately, perhaps I would not have to make another delivery that afternoon.  So, as I passed the home of a friend who was tossing the baseball in the air and catching it himself, I stopped and suggested we play pitch.  And that we did–for well over an hour.  Then a car arrived.  It was my mother.  Dad had sent her to find me, assuming that I had  a problem such as a flat tire or something.  Of course, back to the store I went immediately.  Oh, was I blessed!  No one had called in an order for me to deliver.  I suppose I can also say I was unblessed with the “reward” I got for my attitude and conduct!

On another occasion, I was just leaving the store and was only a few yards  into my trip, when an elderly couple was driving to the store.  For some reason, they did not see me as they prepared to pull off the road to park close to the store.  I saw what was happening, but with the heavy load I could not move fast enough.  They hit me just hard enough to bruise my leg and turn the bike over to spill the groceries.  I still hear their concern as they came immediately to me.  By this time, my parents were out at the scene.  And you know what?  That couple were vocal about my not watching where I was going!  It was obvious to folks how it had happened, but no one argued.  Most of the groceries were not damaged, and Dad did not ask the folks to replace the broken items.  The good that came from that for me was that I did not have to make deliveries for several days!  The bike had to be repaired!

I do recall that I should have been aware of two lessons from these two incidents.  They are obvious now, but at that age I did not grasp them.  Oh, why couldn’t I learn some things early?  From the first I should have learned that a bad attitude and spirit is inappropriate and costly!  It hurts the person with that spirit, and it hurts those who love the person.

I should also have learned that I was spared from serious injury when I was hit by the car.  If I could have thought through the incident, I would have realized there was some unseen protection upon me that day.  I never gave a thought to the protection that God provided for me.  Oh, again, why did I have to get so old before I understood His care over my life?  Both lessons are in the Bible!

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 2:5)  “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  (Psalm 121:8)



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