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July 20, 2010

Under the Table

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When one hears the expression “under the table,” it usually conjures up the assumption that someone got paid “under the table.”  It conveys the thought that some illegal deal took place.

There is another expression that is similar,  “Brushed it under the table.”  This usually refers to some matter being delayed or ignored.  It suggests the idea or matter is being put away.

I know a lot about “under the table.”  I have spent time under the table!  No, not in a shady way or ignoring something.  I spent time under the table as a young boy.  Actually, it was not really a table, but a quilting table, or better yet a quilting frame.  Whatever one may call it, at quilting parties the ladies sat around it and it is much like a group sitting around a table!

Now here is how I spent much time “under the table.”  As a pre-schooler, my grandmother cared for me during the day.  From both the church and the community, she hosted a quilting party regularly.  Not allowing me to be outside during this time, or her having to fear what I might be doing in that big house, she would put me under the table.  I was a prisoner!  All the ladies sat close enough together that I was trapped!  There was no way out!

I might try to entertain myself with some small cars or tinker toys, but I believe I was rebellious.  It was as if I was challenged.  The simple matter of being forced to stay under the table raised my ire.  I cannot tell you that I fought to get out, but I did sulk and make mutinous noises.

In my unhappiness, I could hear the ladies laughing and enjoying themselves!  Now, was that fair?  Only now can I realize how I could have bribed my freedom!  Yes, I could have threatened those ladies! 

Imagine all I heard being under the table!  They talked about everything I am sure!  There might have been some real gossip!  Perhaps some things were said about the church or a lady in town that they would not have repeated somewhere else!

Oh, how I should have turned on the recorder . . . or taken notes . . . .  I would have had enough ammunition to always stay out from under the table!  But, wait . . . there were no recorders in those days . . . and as a five year old . . . I couldn’t write!  And the truth is, I probably paid no attention to their conversation.  Besides, I was pouting too much to dignify their conversations by listening!

But isn’t it interesting!  With all my negatives about the experience, it is a wonderful memory I have.  Just imagine six to eight ladies getting together regularly for the pleasure of visiting, and doing something constructive like making a quilt!  Those were the days! 

Don’t ever forget the by-gone days.  They are part of our life and heritage.  They contributed more to our lives than we can measure. Every event in our past has been part of our development.  Believing that, it behooves me to seek to make every part of my life a positive!

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”  (Philippians 4:8)



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