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July 23, 2010

The Voice of God

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The Voice of God.  I thought that would be the subject of one of my books.  However, as I began to make some notes, I realized I couldn’t write on that!  All my other books were based on experience and teachings  I felt could be of help to others.  But to write about the voice of God!  I am certainly no authority on that subject!  I can’t even figure it out for myself —  how could I share with others what I haven’t learned?

Are you one of those who would like to hear the voice of God?  Many of us are much like Job in the Old Testament who wanted God to speak.  Now, one thing I do know —  God does speak!  But how?  And can I hear him?

I know from biblical study that God speaks.  He spoke very directly to Moses, Samuel, and Paul.  But I am not in that fraternity!  So how can I hear and recognize the voice of God?

Let me share something of my pilgrimage on this matter.  I do know that God does not have to use an audible voice.  I have never heard such . . . and yet in my life I have known God was speaking to me.  Without sounding like a Bible teacher, I can tell you that He speaks through thoughts, emotions, feelings, impulses, and various means within me.  I cannot convey the evidence in a manner that provides tangible proof to others.   But for me, I have known the voice of God–His leadership, His will, His direction for my life!

When I need an answer to a question about my life, career, and future, I seek God.  The response may be as I described above, or it may be in reading certain Bible passages.  I know some have given testimony that an answer came for them from reading a book, listening to certain music, a sermon, or even some television program.  Yes, there must be many ways to hear the voice of God.

But I believe that often the very audible voice of God is heard through another person!  I don’t mean God captures some body and speaks through it with His voice.  I am convinced that often God gives counsel and direction through other people.  It may be a friend, pastor, family member, or parent!  I am sure of this method.  I experienced it!

We returned to the states from the mission field for reassignment.  Because of family health needs, we needed to be in a country with adequate medical care.  While spending these few weeks with our parents, we were approached by a church that we had ministered with for several months waiting for our departure overseas.  The church asked us to join then in ministry.  The thought of remaining in the states had not been one of our considered options.  We fully intended to return to the mission field.

However, we had to give consideration.  We would never want to deliberately ignore God’s leadership.  We, therefore, began the pilgrimage of hearing God’s voice.  All the ways we knew to hear Him were explored.  Then one Sunday a family asked us home for lunch.  After lunch, the husband asked me to walk with him.  We walked out across the pasture.  The talk was about our ministry on the mission field and about the ministry of the church in town.  Then he spoke words I did not expect.  He was very emphatic.  “Your place is here.  You are needed.  I am telling you that I know God is calling you here!”

“What,”  I thought?  “Is this man God?  Who is he to be telling me that he knows God’s will for our lives?”  But, I confess to you there was something authoritative about his words.  He had no personal investment in our life . . . or agenda for his own desires for the church.  He simply spoke what he believed he must speak!

Was that the voice of God?  At that moment in the pasture, I could not say so.  Yet, within hours, my wife and I were thoroughly convinced that this was to be our new place of ministry!  I did hear the voice of God that day!  It was through a friend!  I am so grateful for a spiritual friend who was in touch with God!  Since that day, I have been more attentive to words of counsel and advice that have come from others!

Want to hear the voice of God?  Just listen to everyone around you . . . and to your inner self.  And by the way, you just might be the voice of God for some other person!

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'”  (Isaiah 30:21)   “From heaven he made you hear his voice . . . .”  (Deuteronomy 4:36)  :He who belongs to God hears what God says.”  (John 8:47)





  1. Thank you Lawson, for listening to the “voice of God” through Dad. One result is that I had the privilege of being in your ministry and was introduced to children’s ministry. I have been involved with this type of ministry ever since. We won’t say how long that has been. You know, Dad always says “Listen to me now, are you listening?” Now I know why he was always right! Thank you, for your ministry!!

    Comment by Penny (Mason) Reedy — July 23, 2010 @ 12:34 pm | Reply

  2. Lawson, I also know that God gives counsel through friends. He used you and Judy so many times to help direct me as I desired to follow His will. Thank you both! And now He uses Jennifer through her writing, singing, and speaking! Is that amazing? I think it is. And I’ve been so very blessed by the ministry and friendship of your family. Love to all of you, Maggie

    Comment by Maggie King — August 2, 2010 @ 9:12 am | Reply

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