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August 2, 2010

McCurdy Hole

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Only a few people would know immediately my reference to McCurdy Hole.  You had to live there in those years.  But for those of us who remember the place, there are memories that can never be forgotten.

Places to swim or get wet all over were few as I was growing up.  There were occasions when the family might go to the river, or even the opportunity to wade in the edge of the fishing lake, but for swimming–very few places existed.  Of  course, when we would play in the creek, we would try to dam the water up, but we were never very successful.

In the heat of the summer we attempted to dig a hole and fill it with water so we could sit in it.  But of course, the water would seep into the ground before we could enjoy it.  There was the desire to enjoy the water, but frustrating that no good location was available.

But there was one place — McCurdy Hole!  Some former, family property behind the cemetery provided a unique place.  It was the water slide of the century — even though no one had heard of such words!  McCurdy Hole was a place of fun and imagination.  This was my favorite place to play in the summer.

A large creek flowed across outcroppings of granite.  The water had created a granite slide and you could slide in the flowing water across the granite to a large pool of water below.  I know that it was not that large  an area as I look back today, but in those boyhood years, it seemed gigantic.

We always wanted to go, but we were not allowed to go unless an adult was with us.  That was difficult as my parents both worked.  However, Gussie Mae cared for my sister and me for many years.  She was usually our best source to lead the processional of my sister and me, plus cousins who usually would go with us.  I can recall begging her almost everyday during the summer to take us.  Thankfully, she was willing to take us often.

At McCurdy Hole, you would get at the top of the granite and push yourself into the moving stream.  Often you would be pushed sideways and end up with scrapes on your elbows or knees.  But who cared?  Nothing made the adrenalin flow like the thrill of this ride!

Following a twisting and bouncing ride to the bottom, you would splash into the waiting pool of water.  It was not a long ride and the pool at the bottom was not deep.  But it was a special place and seemed so large in the mind of a small boy.

I do remember that it was hard on the shorts you had on.  The granite took its toll on the fabric, and often we went home with holes in the seat of the pants.  These would be patched so that we could wear them again and again to McCurdy Hole rather than constantly destroy other clothes.

I recall one day as we walked past the cemetery and across the field that would take us into the woods to McCurdy Hole, a large black snake ran across our path.  It scared Gussie so bad that she would not go to McCurdy Hole that day.  She made us go back home, and I am not sure but that may have been the last time she took us!  She was deathly afraid of snakes and  believed that snake would always be there.

A few years back, I sought to revisit this place.  I know the stream and the outcropping of granite is still there.  It will be there till the end of the ages.  No one would attempt to remove that outcropping of granite!  It is too much a part of Stone Mountain!  I could not approach close to McCurdy Hole because it is now private property and part of a housing development.  I don’t know if it is still called McCurdy Hole —  but it will always be that name and place for me.

“Remember the earlier days . . . .”  (Hebrews 10:32) 



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