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August 4, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

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My first real blog, Clearwater, Florida,, told the story.  I repeat some of it again.  I walked into  church on Sunday, and there she was!  Everything I had ever imagined!  A beach lover, beauty queen, radiant, confident, committed to the Lord, and ready to follow God’s will.  One glance at her and I knew I would never return to Texas!  Here is where my life had been destined.  God had gotten me to Clearwater, Florida to bring me to my life partner.

Oh, don’t assume it was easy from the moment I saw her.  “What?  Is that a ring on her finger?”  It didn’t matter what kind of commitment she had to another . . .  she was the one I knew was to bring completion to my life.  It did take a while!  Group events while her “other” worked out of town; small group Bible studies; some flirting through the mail with notes and cards; an interlude in their relationship; and  my opportunity to extend an invitation to “break bread together.”

During this time, I had been called to a church in the Clearwater area.  (First Date, ) I left during Sunday School to pick her up at the church she attended so she could be with me at my church.  Afterwards, we dined at the famous Kapok Tree Restaurant.  I was not sure about how well it went, and I was hesitant to ask for another date.  But that night . . . oh . . . that night when I was welcoming guests to the service, I saw her in the foyer with several of our mutual friends.  Of course . . . I arranged to take her home!  And from that night forward . . . it has been even more than I ever dreamed!  Fourteen months later we were married!  The celebration began . . . !

Now, today, forty-eight years later, the celebration continues!

What gift do you give for the forty-eighth wedding anniversary?  I looked it up.  The suggested and recognized gift is an optical gift!  An optical gift?  She doesn’t need glasses!  What kind of insult would that be?  I calmed down and checked the Internet.  There are all kinds of optical gifts–mostly optical illusion posters, some even with black lights, plus there are optical shoes and shirts.    Oh, I did find there are optical crystal sculptures!  I decided to not conform to someone’s list.  What do they know about what my wife would want?

One of the joys of sharing an anniversary is the memories.  And  we have made memories!  Our wedding album includes a unique memory.  On our wedding day, I sent her a telegram.  I wrote of my excitement and that I would meet her at 4 p.m. in the aisle.  However, the telegram operator had misunderstood the content.  Being at the beach, she used the word “isle” instead of the church “aisle” I meant.  It suggested a rendezvous of a different sort. Sure glad her dad didn’t see it before the wedding!

The years have brought so much to us!  All the experiences together have simply glued us tighter together!  And isn’t that the way it should be? As we celebrate today, I hope you have found the “glue.”  That adhesive is the Lord.  He in both, with a commitment from both to live for Him, will make your marriage as joyful, happy, fulfilling, satisfying, and complete as ours. 

Happy Anniversary, My Love! 


(Consider reading, Strengthen Your Marriage,



  1. Happy Anniversary Judy and Lawson! And thank you for modeling for me — and so many others — what marriage should and can be. Love you both, Maggie

    Comment by Maggie King — August 4, 2010 @ 7:06 am | Reply

  2. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Wish you many more. You have been great friends over the years and I wish you the best. Dudley & Mary!

    Comment by Dudley Henry — August 4, 2010 @ 10:19 am | Reply

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