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August 10, 2010

What’s in my eggs?

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This is a follow-up to the blog, Miles and Miles in the Dark,  After the long night of walking, we arrived in the small village where we would sleep a couple of hours on the pews in the church.  At daybreak, I found the two men who would go and retrieve the truck.  One of the members of the church invited us to breakfast.

We were seated at the small wooden table where we were served.  The badly chipped plate had eggs with some meat.  The hostess was seeking to present her best so we were using her best dinnerware . . . and she was serving the best she had to offer.

I am one who prefers my eggs either fried or scrambled.  The eggs on this plate were not fried . . . and they were not yet scrambled.  It was a good thing that this plate had some depth to it or the eggs would have run over the edge.  I wouldn’t call it egg soup, but they were on the move.  I don’t care to eat anything I have to chase across the plate.

But, my attitude was that I could manage eating them.  The fork couldn’t contain the eggs . . . and the spoon didn’t seem appropriate.  Although this observation only took a few seconds in my mind, it was the “other” that was on the plate and was rolling around in the eggs.  “What’s that in my eggs?” I was asking myself.

I had a suspicion, but I was told.  The man of the family asked if I had ever eaten iguana.  He was so proud that he could serve it to me.  His smiling face expressed his delight in being able to serve this delicacy to me.

Now iguanas.  I have written about the large ones in the road as I walked and felt they were waiting for a duel.  Those were the large ones that could be head-high to me when they stood up.  But it is the smaller ones that are eaten.  Those sought for food would only be some two to three feet long!

Iguanas are often called “chicken of the tree.”  What some would call a giant lizard climbing in the tree would be food for the family — and especially for guests!  Many refer to it as a white meat, but all that I have seen . . . and eaten . . . is dark pink.

It was the dark pink meat rolling in my eggs that caused me to sing that song I have shared with you.  (Fried Chicken, Those small pieces of meat looked a little like what one would assume a dog tail would look like.  Now I have eaten dog in Korea, sea urchins, and what I believe were roasted roaches.  But I must say those things even looked more appetizing.  Since my host told me it was iguana, I knew it must be the tail of the iguana.  As a guest, I was given what was considered the best part of the iguana, as the tail is considered more tender.

I had eaten the night before some fried and roasted pieces of iguana and it was more palatable. I tried to cover the meat with the eggs.  I thought this would help.  But those soupy eggs wouldn’t cling to the meat.  Well, I started chewing . . . it was chewy!  And a little tough!  Guess what . . . just like the fried chicken . . . God kept it down!

It is amazing what one can do for love’s sake.  (For Love’s Sake, For these loving people, my love for them gave me impetus to eat . . . whatever they shared with me.  Their hearts full of the love of Christ offered me their best.  Love in return will be expressed with a grateful heart. And I was truly grateful and thankful!

“Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” (1 John 4:21)



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