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August 28, 2010

Five-Cents Ice Cream

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It really takes some memory to recall an ice cream cone for five cents!  Of course, a certain age has to be considered to even have the memory!

I grew up with an ice cream cone only being a nickel.  That did not mean, however, that you had the nickel!  But I had a way of getting an ice cream most afternoons during the summer!

In my hometown, (Stone Mountain — Part Two — My Hometown, my Uncle Bill was the town doctor.  He was somewhat semi-retired and spent much of his time downtown.  His son shared his practice with his son, who had delivered me as a baby.  He was my mother’s age and saw me as a son.  Even in high school, he would take me with him on some home visits hoping to encourage me to be a doctor.

His father, Uncle Bill — actually, my great uncle — always walked to the post office for his mail shortly after lunch each day.  He would usually step into the drug store next door to the post office for a coke or a short chat with the folks there.  One day as I happened to pop into the store, Uncle Bill called me over and asked if I would like an ice cream.  What would be the response from a boy on a hot summer afternoon?  “Yes, sir,” I replied.

He motioned to Joe, the soda jerk, to give me an ice cream.  What a treat!  Thanking Uncle Bill, I headed home.  I am sure my conniving mind was at work.  “Maybe I need to be there tomorrow about the same time.”  And I was there again!  I tried to play it cool as if it was a coincidence.  It got me another ice cream, however!

And so a routine developed.  I didn’t always go into the drug store.  Sometimes I would just be on the sidewalk as if I was on an errand.  Uncle Bill would come out of the drug store and see me.  Smiling, he would reach into his pocket and give me a nickel!  Now, I am sure the town doctor was smart enough to know that I was working a plan!  Yet, he never faltered.  Every time I would see him I would get a nickel  for that ice cream cone!  I have many memories of Uncle Bill, but none can overshadow this relationship created by a five cents ice cream cone!

Some of us miss those days of the small village.  A place where everyone knew one another.  A safe place where children could be on the sidewalks without a parent.  A place where parents could trust the community to care and protect the children.  A place of love, sharing, and concern for one another.

We cannot go back to those days.  Yet, we can be thankful for those days and the wonderful memories.  And I can look forward to another city — one that will far exceed the joys of my boyhood.  A place of safety, peace, contentment, and where aging ceases and time will be no more.  That is the wonderful place my Heavenly Father has prepared!

If there is an ice cream cone there — it won’t even cost a nickel!

“Instead, they were longing for a better country — a heavenly one.  Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.”  (Hebrews 11:16)



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