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September 7, 2010

Class Photo

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My high school graduating class had another reunion last week.  I was unable to attend, but a classmate sent me a photo of the group.  My first comment was, “Who are all these old people?”  My wife quickly reminded me that it was a picture of my classmates! The ones I graduated with!

Well, it was not a picture like the night of graduation!  The numbers have dwindled.  I don’t know the actual number that are still alive, but there were twelve in the photo.  I began to look at them closely — even with a magnifying glass!  “Yep, some of them look vaguely familiar.”

Of course, all of “them” have changed in 57 years!  “What a different photo it would have been if I was in it!”  Yes, in reality it would have been different.  I only saw a few wearing glasses.  None of them appeared to have hearing aids.  I assume that they all ate their food with their real teeth.  I didn’t see any of them with a walking cane.  And their memory was probably working well as they recognized one another.  True, the picture would have been different with me in it!  They didn’t seem so old after all.  But I am still one of them with wonderful memories of each one.

And then I began to remember them!  “Honey,” I called to my wife, “look at this one . . . I remember . . .”  and I began to point to them one by one.

“See him?  He taught me how to drive a car when we were in seventh grade.”

“And look at him.  He taught me how to throw a curve ball when we were in the eighth grade.”

“Oh, do I remember her?  She was the first girl I ever kissed!  We were playing ‘spin the bottle.'”

“He popped a guy so hard it knocked him over the fence.  That was in defense of me after that fellow had floored me!”

“And her . . . brains!  Always dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” correctly. Believed in doing things right.”

“Always jovial.  Never knew which name to call him by, however.”

“See her?  Had a date one time with her in a borrowed A-Model.”

 “We used to have great spend-the-night parties at his house,” as I pointed to one of the fellows.

Pointing to another I remarked, ” Never knew anyone more dependable and honest.”

“Could always count on her wanting to have a party!”

“He  had good business head . . . and worked hard for the class.  Like all of them, a great friend.”

Pointing to the last of the twelve, I remarked, “She always was kind when I knew she was impatient with me.”

Suddenly. several things occurred to me.  This is not a group I knew just in a senior year.  These are friends way back in school days.  These twelve in the photo represented a larger group that impacted my life.  We were close as a group of students.  I could almost say we were family.  We all knew one another well, and our lives were influenced by one another.

Just consider what I said about these twelve.  Those remarks about them show a composite of life as learned from others.  From these I learned a spirit of compassion, loyalty, dependability, hard work,  fun, generosity, and true friendship.

I am so thankful for the influence of classmates.  I was blessed beyond measure by them . . . but perhaps never recognized it until I saw the photo of the “old” people.  They may be considered old by the world’s measurement of life . . . but they will forever be young.  They will never be old or forgotten.  They will always be appreciated and loved. And for better or worse from their perspective, my life has been forever changed by them.

Thank you Class of 1953!  (From the one who presently is chronologically the oldest!)

“I thank my God every time I remember you.”  (Philippians 1:3)



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