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September 18, 2010

Approached in the Parking Lot

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In another town a few days ago, I was approached by a man.  He asked if I had a phone charger for his cell phone. (I must confess I was thinking, “This is a new approach.”)  His phone battery was depleted, and he needed to call his wife.  He did not know his wife’s cell phone number since he always called her from the list recorded in his phone.  (Most of us understand that.  We don’t remember numbers anymore.  We simply push a button.)

Our car charger did not fit his.  He had left work and had car trouble.  He had called his wife earlier (before his phone died) to pick him up.  He lived in a nearby town.  He had waited several hours and she had not come.  He was concerned something had happened or that they had miscommunicated on the location to meet.

Politely he asked if when I left the library could I drop him off a few blocks away at a mobile phone store where he could charge the battery in his phone.

Judy was in a meeting and I knew I had time, so I offered to take him at that time.  Thus began an odyssey.  We went to the mobile phone store and he got his battery charged.  Immediately a call came to him before he could attempt to call his wife.  The garage that was repairing his vehicle needed the key.  He had forgotten to leave the key with them.

We then proceeded to another location to deliver the key to his truck.  He worked in this city and knew it well.  I got a tour of all the shortcuts through town — and some of the shortcuts were not where I would have desired to be.

When he called his wife, she was in town and had looked for him.  She had not found him at the location agreed upon.  That was because she arrived after we had left the location.  She had gone to the home of a friend that her husband worked with, hoping he could help locate her husband.  This, of course, meant a drive to yet another location.

My new friend insisted that she stay where she was, and asked if I would take him to that home.  Certainly, I was willing.  After all, I would get to see more of the city!

The young man continued to insist that he was not trying to take advantage of my kindness.  I responded that God provided my resources and time in order to be of help to him.  I thanked him for the blessing this time was for me.

Finally, after these multiple stops, he departed my car to meet his wife.  The time of approximately forty-five minutes had passed.  I had been exposed to “interesting” parts of the city.  My friend was three times my size.  His approach to me in the parking lot could have been a “cover” for evil intentions.  We do live in such times!

So, as some of you are thinking, why did I do it?  Did I take a chance?  Did I take unnecessary risk?  Some would definitely say so.  Probably, most of the time I would not have been so friendly or offer to help.

So why on this occasion?  The answer:  It just felt right!  Yes, I believe there is within the follower of Christ those times you just feel “it is right.”

And what if I felt I should do it and I did not respond?  Then I would violate the leadership of the Lord over my life, and I would have missed a blessing.

Often we hear of “entertaining angels without knowing it.”  (Hebrews 13:2)  Was this man an angel?  Was God seeing if I was in tune with Him?  One thing I do know — if he was an angel, why was he so large?  So sweaty?

I am not suggesting you help or offer help to everyone these days.  And do not feel guilty when you do not offer help.  Even Jesus did not heal or rescue or help everyone!  Be cautious!  Cautious about those who approach you . . . and cautious about saying no too quickly.  Depend upon God’s leadership!

My purpose in this blog is not to draw attention to what I did.  That would be contrary to the teachings of Jesus (Matthew 6:1-4).  My desire is to help all of us be sensitive to times we need to discern whether it is appropriate to render acts of kindness.  As with all occasions in our life . . . we must trust God to direct us!

“Blessed is he who is kind to the needy.”  (Proverbs 14:21)  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  (Proverbs 3:5)


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