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September 28, 2010

First Light

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After receiving permission to leave the capital city, we made our journey into the mountains of Haiti.  In other blogs, I spoke of how we would stop in various villages, only to discover that most of the people had never seen a white man.  They desired to touch my skin to see what it felt like.

We knew that in each village we were  looked upon with suspicion because of the influence of the witch doctors.  We were headed high into the mountains, some 250 miles from Port-o-Prince.  One of the first nights on our journey, we stopped in a small village where my companion’s parents resided.  We did not have to pitch our tent since his parents would invite us to stay in the settlement.  We were shown to a small, one room adobe (dried mud with straw).  There was an opening for a window and a small door to enter.  The bed was of adobe also, and of course, very hard.  Yet, no harder than the ground we would sleep on.

The settlement was much of a communal village.  Most of the food was shared among the eight or ten families that lived there.  Most of the food was in large cloth sacks, hanging from poles.  This was to prevent some of the wild animals from coming and eating it.  I was glad I did not know that fact until the next morning, or I would have watched that small doorway and window all night!

We had carried a small generator with us to leave for my friend’s parents.  Petrol would be available for them down in the city, but they would only be using it at specific times.  We had brought about 50 feet of wire and several light sockets and bulbs.  We strung those up during the day in preparation to demonstrate how to use the generator and have electric lights.  Most of the people had never seen artificial light.

That evening when we cranked the generator and turned on the light, there was a sigh of joy from the people.  As we began to enjoy the moment, we became aware that around the settlement there were many people in the woods.  They did not come out, but we were so aware we were being observed.

The people in the settlement assured us it was not an action by the witch doctor, but people fascinated with the light.  They had heard the sound of the generator, but most of all, they had realized there was an unnatural glow of light in the midst of the area.  Perhaps they thought it was something from outer space.  For most of these people, these was the first light they had seen.

Seizing the moment, I began to share aloud about light.  And obviously, it was a “sermon” on Jesus Christ being the Light of the world.   I shared that darkness cannot overcome light, but a very spark of light can shatter darkness.  Christ is the light that removes the darkness within us.  (There was some application implying that nothing, even a witch doctor with his power, can overcome the love and power of Christ, the Son of God.) 

There was no way to know how the message was heard.  But one thing I know, the Word of God always penetrates.  For those that listened, the Holy Spirit had an opportunity to plant the seed of newness and freedom in their hearts.

This was a marvelous opportunity presented to us as we began our pilgrimage into the mountains.  My life was affected . . . prayerfully the lives of those in the woods were also.

“I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  (John 8:12)  “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.”  (1 John 1:5) 


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