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October 19, 2010

Football Fans’ Attire

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It is football season!  I enjoy watching football!  The media of television allows me to watch many, many games.  I always enjoy the various pans of the cameras on the fans.  The reactions and the attire get my attention.

I am not being critical.  To each his own!  I marvel at some of the “costumes” and the body paint.  I am fascinated how some get together and with painted chests they spell out the name of their team.  Then, as of the last few years, the custom for teams to wear the same colors portrays a solid color throughout the stands.  The excitement and antics of some of the fans go beyond my understanding.  I am sure that many of the fans are totally depleted when they leave the stadium.  All that jumping and screaming tires me just from watching.

 I marvel how it has changed in the last fifty plus years!  At least from my college experience.  In those days a football game was a  social occasion.  Oh, there was plenty of excitement and yelling, but it was in such a different format.  It was not totally restrained, but certainly much more sedated than today.

First, a football game was an event where most students had dates.  To sit in the student section, other than that designated as the “Card Section,” you generally saw only couples.  The Card Section was certain students.  These were the best seats —  fifty yard line!  However, you couldn’t leave at half-time.  You had color cards that you held on a signal. Words were spelled out and it was spectacular.  This part of the game for fans has faded — if it exists at all.  Perhaps it is because they cannot have calm enough students to participate.

The dates of the young men always received a flower to wear to the game.  At our school, it was a yellow mum.  You would order them during the week from students who took orders.  Most everyone bought one for two dollars.  If it was a special date, and you could afford it, you would spend three dollars.  For the extra dollar the mum had a small ribbon bow in the middle and a couple of ribbons hanging down.  You wanted to be careful, however, of giving the three dollar mum — it could be an announcement that one was really interested in the young lady!

The young ladies generally wore skirts.  I hardly remember any other attire.  Many even wore high-heel shoes!  I will not say that I wore a tie to every game, but it would be a nice shirt that buttoned. And in cold weather, sports jackets were worn.  The entire decor of dress acclaimed the game as a social occasion.  Can you see anyone in the football stands today dressed like that?

Again, I have no criticism of the present fans!  Of course, if I was sitting among some of them, I might be a little uncomfortable!  But sitting in my recliner, it is fun to watch them — regardless of the score!

This just speaks of changing times!  It is evident most places today.  I have seen it change with students . . .  educators . . . church goers . . . and preachers!  What does the future hold?



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