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October 23, 2010

The Revolution

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In 1979, Judy and I were flying from San Jose, Costa Rica with a stop in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.  Seated next to me was a man about my age.  He was a citizen of Nicaragua, and an attorney in Managua.

As conversation began between us, he became very bold in acknowledging to me what was about to occur in the capital city.  He was a leader in the Sandinista National Liberation Front, a socialist political party in that country.

Nicaragua had endured strife for several years.  The country was led by an affirmed dictator.  There had been much opposition to his leadership from several groups, particularly the Sandinistas.  Many skirmishes around the country and even in the capital city had made the entire country volatile.  Much of the military began to defect to the Sandinistas. 

Having lived in an adjoining country, we were aware of the turmoil.  Most of us would likewise oppose the dictatorship that was suppressing the people with its greed.  The country was ripe for a revolution.  It was just unknown when and how this would occur, however.

But our traveling companion began to tell us about the when and where.  He, as a leader, was flying back into the capital city for just such an event.  He told us that the seizure of the capital city and the disposing of Somoza was imminent.  He related how the government should be for the people and that the people of Nicaragua should be free.

I certainly had no argument with him, but I did have one question.  “When you overthrow the government and take control, what are your plans?  What are you going to replace the dictatorship with?”

His answer astounded me, “We haven’t decided.  We will figure that out when we have control.”

Certainly, if a group is going to take control of a country, they should have a plan to set up a certain type of government.  Whether he truly did not know, or felt I would disagree, soon all knew what was established.

Although our friend indicated the take over was at hand, we had no idea that it would be the next morning early when the fierce fighting would begin.  The result of the revolution was that 50,000 people died and 150,000 went into exile.  Thousands of innocent people were killed.

The Junta (military officers who rule after seizing power) established a revolutionary government of socialism.  For me, that was not what the people wanted!  I believe it was the intent of the leadership of the Sandinista National Liberation Front to replace the dictatorship with pure socialism.  And where did they get that idea?  Sources revealed that most of their support came through ties to Cuba from Russia.

The socialistic government was to prove inept and dangerous.  In fact, Contras (the movement in opposition to the new government) began opposing the Junta in a few years.  Their resistance was supported by the C.I.A. of the United States.

A couple of thoughts come to me as I reflect on this.

Many times in our lives we seek change — in our country, in our town, even in our family life and personal life.  But do we have a plan?  What is the purpose of our “revolution?”  What goal are we seeking?  I discover that I must be careful about revolting against something unless I know what I am desiring to accomplish that will prove to be better.

Even in religious realms, there are cults.  The majority of such have simply revolted against the Word of God. They can easily tell me what is wrong with my beliefs, but they don’t seem to have anything better to replace it with!  (Of course, there is nothing to replace it.  The Christian life, based on the Scriptures, is the final truth and way.)

I am glad my revolution in life is over.  I rejoice that all is settled within me.  I serve a Master who provides me with life full and abundant.  I am so happy for the peaceful life I have because of His government over me!

“I have come that they might have life and have it to the full.”  (John 10:10)  “The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he will reign for ever and ever.”  (Revelation 11:15)  “The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad.”  (Psalm 97:1)  “The Lord reigns forever.”  (Psalm 146:10)



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