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October 31, 2010

Have a Good Day!

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Have a good day!  It is a universal expression.  We use it often as we greet people.  Every language expresses it.

French: Bonne journee!  German: schoen Tag noch!  Italian: Buona giornata!  Polish: milego dnia!  Spanish: Que pase un buen dia!  And whether in Greek, Chinese, Russian, or all the countries of Africa, the expression is heard!

But what is a good day?  How does one define it?

Years ago when we lived in Miami, I read the newspaper one morning and scanned  the horoscopes.  Now, I put no stock in such, but it can be interesting.  That particular day my horoscope read:  “High lunar cycle.  Special, exciting day.  Recipient of good news.  Expect favors.  Business ventures will prove successful.  Ride high on a day when all goes your way.”

Now I must admit, it got my attention.  I was curious as to how my day would go.  At the end of the day, I could write:  “Bad toothache all day.  Went to hospital across town in traffic only to discover the person had been discharged.  Had difficult conversation with Gulf Power over bill, and lost.  Got home late for supper.  Worked on taxes and discovered owed more than planned.”  I don’t call that a good day.  Or was it?

I guess that is a moment when I need to get things into perspective.  I was measuring my day by events. A few days ago, I parked beside a pickup truck that had a fascinating sign in the window.  “Have a Good Day!  Compliments of God!”  Oh, does that give me perspective!

I need to be careful what measurement I use to determine if I have a good day.  On a website I saw where the question was asked, “What makes a good day?”  There were many answers, but I noted that occurring rather often in the responses was a statement similar to this: ” . . .  being surrounded by people who love me and care about me.”

I thought that such a response transcends circumstances.  We might desire to be healthy, not rushed or tired, have the day off from responsibility, have absolutely nothing to worry about, and on and on.  But the respondents to the question seemingly felt that if they were surrounded by love, all those negatives that would be desired to be avoided, were not as important as the positives that comes from love and support.

I could give a response to those who desire to be surrounded by someone who will love and care for them in spite of circumstances.  That one is God!  Isn’t that His joy to surround His people with love and care?  And God is saying for us to have a good day . . . compliments of Him.  I discovered years ago that my day cannot be defined by my circumstances.  A good day is not dependent on just good things happening in my life.

I had in my office for years a small card that I wrote and kept on my desk.  “There is nothing I face today that with God I cannot handle.”  I know that God is there always to surround me with His love and care, no matter what I face each day.  God has seen every day from the beginning of time and nothing I will face will ever surprise Him.  We don’t have to just look at circumstances and let that be the measurement of our day.  I must be careful that I not allow the things I see determine the quality of my day.

I seek to measure my day by what I know are certainties!  God is!  I am His!  Oh, may you have a good day, today, because of Him!

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  (Psalm 118:24


By the way, Good morning, in Yiddish it is:  hot a gutntog!


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