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November 6, 2010

It Exploded!

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Boys can find the most interesting things to play with!  Our sons certainly could!  One occurrence happened when they were young, shortly after the Fourth of July.

We were visiting with Judy’s parents.  They lived on the river in northwest Florida.  It was always a special time to be there with so many things to do.  There were woods . . . the boat launch . . . fishing in the river . . . hunting dogs . . . wood working shop . . . just a place for a young family to spend time.

With all there was to do, the boys found another activity.  With a spent casing from their grandfather’s 30.o6, they decided to use some of the powder from firecrackers to fill the casing.  I was sitting on the porch watching and felt that what they were doing was safe enough.  Especially under my supervision.

They attached a small fuse . . . lit the fuse and ran!  They waited.  No explosion!  I cautioned them to stay away from the ‘bomb.’  I told them that they needed to wait enough time to be sure there was not a smothering fuse that might ignite with a gust of air.

After what seemed sufficient time, they started toward the casing on the ground.  I spoke quickly and said to stay away.  I left my chair to intervene.  I felt it best that I pick it up and make sure it was a dud!  I looked cautiously to make sure I did not see any evidence of heat.  I rolled the casing slightly with my foot.  With no evidence of aliveness in this ‘bomb,’ I told the boys it was safe.  They came close.  There seemed to be no reason for it not to be picked up.

Boom! It was picked up!  And who picked it up?  Yours truly!  As I picked it up off the ground, a slight puff of oxygen was all that was needed to cause ignition!  The noise was deafening!  The seconds of the explosion seemed much more!  Were the boys all right?  Yes, fortunately the explosion was not in their direction.

Then I looked at my hand.  Before I could respond, Judy’s dad had come.  He began to yell that I had blown my hand off!  Certainly not, or I wouldn’t be typing this blog!  But there was damage.  The casing not only peeled apart, but the primer cap had launched like a small rocket into my hand.  At this point, of course, there was no way to know what all had occurred.

Bleeding was contained, and Judy drove me in the car for emergency help.  We were told about a doctor in a nearby community.  He saw me immediately and gave ‘first aid.”  He said it was necessary to go to the hospital.  Finding the hospital, my hand was x-rayed.  There, imbedded in my index finger, among the other damage, was the primer cap!  Some surgery followed . . . and many days of agony would follow.  But other than some scars in the hand, no permanent damage was done.

Now why have I told you this saga?  To share a lesson I learned.  Sometimes we don’t listen to what we say to others.  I told my boys not to touch it!  But I ignored my own counsel.  There is often such counsel that we give others but do not listen to  ourselves:  “Son, don’t drive so fast!”  “Friend, you need to quit smoking!”  “Don’t fool yourselves . . . social drinking can present a consequence.”  “Be faithful to the church!”  “Depend on God at all times!” “Don’t use those credit cards so carelessly!”

Do any of those words of counsel sound familiar?  Have you offered those . . . or something similar?  The question that behooves us is “Are we taking our own counsel?”  I guess a cliche could be, “Don’t preach it if you are not practicing it!”

But a greater question to myself.  Do I heed the counsel of the Divine Counselor?  He has plenty of counsel and advice for me.  Do I listen?  It would be the wisest thing I could do!

“You guide me with your counsel.”  (Psalm 73:24)   ” . . . a wise man listens to advice.”  (Proverbs 12:15)  “Listen to advice and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise.”  (Proverbs 19:20)  “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me.”  (Psalm 16:7)



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