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November 20, 2010

Hearing Aids

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It has been about a year now!  I got hearing aids!  Everyone says I should have gotten the “invisible” ones.  Sounds good, but if they are invisible, how would I ever find them?

You can see I am ready to have some fun over these aids!  I never  realized I couldn’t hear well until about a year ago.  I visited our family doctor who knows Judy and me very well.  I had a concern and so I asked Ken about it.  “Ken, I am beginning to believe Judy is having a hearing problem, but I don’t want to just tell her.  Any suggestions?”

Ken shared a strategy for me to try.  And I did.  I was sitting on the screen patio with the sliding glass doors open and I called into the kitchen where Judy was working.  “Honey, what are we having for dinner?”  There was no answer.

Following the doctor’s suggestion, I walked inside to the family room and asked the same question.  Still, no response.  I then proceeded with Ken’s advice.  I walked into the kitchen, placed my hands on Judy’s shoulders, looked straight at her where she could see my moving lips, and then asked in a loud voice, “Honey, what are we having for dinner?”

With a look of bewilderment, she responded, “I have already told you two times!”

Well, I realized I scored high on the hearing test!  I was the one with the hearing problem.  So, the next day I went to seek hearing aids.  And within a few days, I had them.  I still don’t have the hang of them.  Despite all I am told, it seems that my hearing is not that much improved!

I take them out when I am preaching.  It seems that I have difficulty controlling the level of my voice when I am using the mike to project my voice.  I did find that the hearing aids have served well in certain situations.  For instance, a lady that is always gossiping came up to me after a service recently.  She began to tell me something and I realized that I had not put my hearing aids back in after concluding the preaching.  Rather than doing so, I simply asked her to speak louder.  Others heard me say this and I realized that several were looking at us.  The lady also took note that we were getting attention.  She lowered her voice in an attempt to prevent others from hearing.

With that I told her she would not only need to speak up, but let me put in my hearing aids.  She suddenly realized that everyone close was about to hear her gossip.  She then remarked, “Oh, pastor, it is not important.”  I wish I had learned that trick years ago . . . it is a sure way to keep a gossip quiet!

The other interesting thing that occurred was when I revisited my audiologist.  He tested me with the hearing aids to see if any adjustments needed to be made.  All was correct.  He remarked that my family was probably very pleased that I was hearing so well.

I responded that I had not told them.  He was surprised and asked why.  I told him that it had been interesting to listen to the conversations from the children when they didn’t realize that I was able to hear everything they said.

Then I shocked him.  “And because of that . . . I have already changed my will two times.”

Choose what you like from the above.  You decide what might be true and what is not.  But one truth is . . . I do have hearing aids!

Hearing is important and makes life so much more enjoyable.  It contributes so much to relationships.  But the most important hearing is what comes from within — the voice of God!

Hearing from God is an essential of life.  Whether the hearing comes from reading the Bible . . . or that inner voice that you sense is a word from God . . . we must hear!  And it does not require hearing aids or sign language or an interpreter.

God will speak clearly . . . we must listen carefully . . . and we must hear distinctly.

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts . . . .”  (Psalm 95:7)  “Whether you  turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way. Walk in it.'” (Isaiah 30:21)  “He who belongs to God hears what God says.”  (John 8:47)



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  1. Hey Lawson, I enjoyed your story of the hearing aids. I believe that Judy and yourself are blessing Blanton Baptist Church, with your presenses and influcence. hope you and Judy have a wondeful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    Comment by Claude — November 21, 2010 @ 8:47 pm | Reply

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