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December 14, 2010

A Year of Blogs

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Today I complete a full year of blogging!  I have only missed about 25 of the 365 days.  There were a few missed days for various reasons, and then a few days missed when I began to blog only every other day.  The every other day ceased when so many emailed me that they missed having one everyday.  That was a compliment and I began a daily blog again — however, as some of you know, the every other day blog is a flash back to an earlier blog.  But there are so many new readers,  the re-runs are new to them — and some of you early readers have probably forgotten the older ones!

I have seen such changes in my blogs.  The first months were primarily adventures and experiences.  Somewhere, I began to include a Bible verse at the end.  I never intended for the blogs to become a daily devotional — and they have not — but I am committed to some spiritual application when appropriate.

I go back now and then to read some of the older blogs.  I find that they vary from confession, advice, commentary, memories, lessons I have learned, and even some ‘preaching.’

I remind you that you can subscribe to receive them by email each day.  And subscribing does not mean a cost.  However, you do not get them in the original format.  Also, you do not see the archives.  To those who receive the emails, simply go to the website,, and you will get the original format and archives.

For those who want to research the archives, click on the month you desire.  You will have excess to the entire month and you can scroll through each one.  Or you can place your cursor over a certain date of the month and it will give you the title.  Unfortunately, the titles can be misleading!  You can’t assume the content by the name I have given the blog!

I do want to thank you for your encouragement and readership.  I am open to suggestions and comments — even evaluations and criticisms. 

I suppose there should be some good word from this blog since you have taken the time to read this far.  Here then is a thought for today:  “Take refuge in today.  There is a yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Of the three, it is only today that I am alive.  Of the others, one exist in memory and the other in hope.” (Author Unknown)

 “Trust in Him at all times . . . .”  (Psalm 62:8)



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