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December 15, 2010

Season of Sharing

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I was in Walmart this week.  I spotted a man with great need.  He had his few worldly possessions in a bag.  He was not asking anyone for a hand-out.  He was simply in the store —  perhaps to get warm.  I felt a tug in my heart.  I felt I should go and give him some money so that he could go into the McDonald’s within the store and get something to eat.

Before I could move toward him, another man got up from the bench where he was sitting and approached the man.  A short conversation followed, and I watched the man reach into his pocket and give the other man some money.  There was an obvious gracious exchange of words, and the homeless gentleman went into McDonald’s.

I am so grateful for that generous man.  I had planned to still give the needy gentleman a few dollars . . . but before I knew it, the man had vanished.  Where did he go? Did he order at McDonald’s and quickly leave?  Was he one of those “angels in disguise” we refer to sometimes?  Was God giving me a test of my heart?

I don’t know the answer . . . nor do I have to.  I am simply grateful to the giving man . . . and to the impulse God put within me . . . and I pray for the gentleman with a need.

We can miss some blessings at this season of the year.  May we be sensitive to opportunities.

Read my blog that speaks of a failed blessing in my life:  The Blessing of Sharing




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  1. I think we have all had times of shame and disappointment for missing a blessing. I remember a girl as we were at a stop light in a larger city. Johnny pulled out some money from his pocket just as the light turned with a lot of people anxious for him to go and she had turned away. He stuck it in the ashtray of his truck and said next time I won’t miss that.

    Comment by doriswhite — December 15, 2010 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

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