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December 26, 2010

Eat, Die, Pay Taxes

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Often people have joked saying the only thing we can be sure of is paying taxes and dying!  Let me spin off that with adding the word eat.  What am I suggesting when I say eat, die, pay taxes?

Strange as it may sound . . . those words suggest security!  eh?  If a young man began to inquire about what he should do in life to have security, what would you suggest?  Here is what I have long ago thought!  With so many occupations not providing a life-time security, those words do give direction to occupations that will always be around.  Be patient with me as I unfold this wacky thought.

People will always be eating — so go into the grocery business!  When people cannot afford luxuries, they will still be going to the super market for food!  I would say to a young man to find a place where there is little competition and open a grocery store.  Eating is popular . . . necessary . . . and will never go out of style!

Or consider another occupation that will always be needed.  The funeral business!  Let a young man choose this occupation.  The services and methods may change . . . but there will always be people dying!  That is a certainty.  No matter the economy this occupation will be needed.  That seems to be an occupation that will provide security.

But there is another probably secure occupation.  That is being a tax collector!  It might have various names, but it is an occupation that will always be around.  Of course, the insecurity comes with it being a political job . . . but you have to agree it is one occupation that will always be.

Oh, oh, I forgot one other job that could be secure.  Walmart!  Can you imagine the world . . . and the future without a Walmart!  And the thing about it, all three of the occupations I just mentioned may be found at Walmart!

A super Walmart these days has more in the one store than many small towns I have lived in!  It has the food  . . . clothes . . . hardware . . . nursery . . . financial . . . hair salon . . . eye doctors . . . office supplies . . . electronics . . .pharmacy . . . and you can continue to name.  I assure you that many, many communities do not have that many services even with multiple businesses.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Walmart has caskets and offers funeral services.  There might even be a chapel for services . . . and a notary to perform weddings in that chapel. 

And with all that . . . the county might open a tax office at Walmart!  Just think, your entire life could be serviced by Walmart.  Wonder if they will build a second story at Walmart and open a motel?  After all, they do have a fast food restaurant inside also!

So why not consider security, young man, by working at Walmart?

But that is terrible advice for me to give a young man looking for a job that will provide lifetime security.  I know better than to talk this way.  A life commitment is not based on choices that the world has to offer.  Security, joy, and satisfaction come from determining what God wants one to do in life!

God is so ready to lead us in a decision about our life . . . how to use our gifts . . . how to serve Him and others . . . and how to have security forever!  Trust me . . . I once struggled with such worldly choices, but then God revealed His plan for my life!  No wonder I enjoy life so much . . . and feel such security . . . and it is not based on material compensation!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.”  (Proverbs 3:5,6)



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