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December 28, 2010

Notice to Appear

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It was not joy to open the mail last week.  We received a notice to appear in court Wednesday, January 19, 2011.  Our first reaction was “What have we done?”  There were two notices — one for me and one for my wife.  We were extremely puzzled.

In our haste to read, the notice indicated the following:  “It is to inform you of your right to appear at a hearing to contest the violations listed below on its merits . . . .”  Again, we reacted, “What violations?”

Have you realized how most of us react to some letters or information before we know the whole story?  That was our reaction . . . because then we read the location.  It had nothing to do with where we live . . . or where we have ever even visited.  The notice was from Cook County, Illinois!

Illinois?  In January?  It seemed that we had some type of vehicle registration that had expired.   Again, we have never been there.  We have never registered a vehicle in that state!  It did not take long for us to know that some error had occurred. 

Judy immediately went to the internet to get the number of the police department rather than use the number on the notice for the possibility that this was some scam.  But it was legitimate.  With several conversations, and a call back to our home later that evening . . . they had discovered that the wrong information had been typed.  We had sold the named vehicle over a year ago.  Someone had typed the former owners’ names (ours) rather than the current owner.  Now it was all clear. 

It might be nice to have a reason to go to Chicago . . . but not in January, or to appear in court!  It is a beautiful city from the air as we have flown into there to change planes.  But if we are to visit . . . we will choose a better time of year than January . . . and a reason other than appearing in court!

I think this matter has reminded me “don’t jump to conclusions!”  Do you do that sometimes?  I know I do.  And I did it again with this notice that came in the mail!  Why didn’t I just begin at the top of the page and read carefully?  Oh, no, I jumped down to the part that said “appear in court.”  And then I reacted!

We can all draw conclusions too often without all the facts!  We can do it with people . . . their actions . . . their voice tone . . . and even with their style of dress!  Too quickly we can make some assumptions!

But I guess if I am guilty . . . others are also.  I wonder what impressions I give where people “jump to conclusions” about who and what I am?  I believe it is very important that I present myself in such a way that others see the whole being . . . rather than something shocking that causes them to misjudge me.

A consistent, God-honoring life perhaps is the key to preventing others from making misjudgments of me.

” . . . live self-controlled, upright and godly lives . . . .”  (Titus 2:12)



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  1. Thanks, Lawson, for another much-needed reminder. (The tone of voice comment was especially timely:)

    Comment by Maggie King — December 28, 2010 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

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