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January 6, 2011

100 Years Old and Growing

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Some things can exceed a 100 years in age and still grow!  Now what is the reference to that statement?

When I was in graduate school, we were provided a large home that had been the pastorium of a church in transition.  We had little furniture.  We certainly did not have a formal dining room suite for the huge dining room in that large Atlanta home.

About this time, a rental home that had belonged to my grandmother was sold.  In that rental for many years was an old family dining set.  It had been in the original home of my grandparents.  After their deaths, the smaller home had  continued to be rented as income for an uncle and his care.  After his death, the home was sold.  What to do with the furniture?

All of the children . . . and most of the grandchildren . . . had established homes with sufficient furniture.  Judy and I had the need when this large home was provided for us.  Thus, we became the recipients of this 100 year plus furniture.

We were excited and delighted.  However, because of the years in the rental home, the furniture had been greatly abused.  In addition to a large table, a buffet and a china cabinet, there was a serving table.  That table had been stripped of the veneer and the solid wood beneath was revealed.

Judy began to use her days to strip all this furniture and refinish it.  After weeks of labor, we had a beautiful antique table.  However, the chairs were a different story.  The original six chairs were broken beyond repair.  At this same time, my other grandmother had six chairs from an old dining set.  These chairs were given to us and coordinated well with the dining set.

As Judy began to refinish these chairs . . . and to recover the seats . . . she discovered that beneath the leather seat coverings were old newspapers that had been used as padding.  And would you believe?  The papers had been so protected in the air-tight upholstery that they were in perfect condition.  And the papers were the Atlanta Journal from December, 1941 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the days to follow.  What a historical find!

But here is my story about that table.  The table came with three center leaves.  We have used most of the leaves when family was coming.  This year, we realized that we needed to seat a minimum of twelve people around the table.  The dining room in our present home would allow the length of the table plus other leaves if they were available.  As we examined the table, we discovered that this antique table could accommodate more leaves.

So off to Lowe’s and the acquiring of wood to make additional leaves.  Accomplished . . . and now the length of the table is staggering!  Oh, how we will enjoy the additional seating space!

Just goes to show that even furniture that is over 100 years old can grow!  And it is an inanimate object!On the other hand, you and I are animate, and we can continue to grow, regardless of age.  Never surrender to age.  Know you can continue to grow.   Be vibrant, alive, and growing . . . mentally, emotionally, and certainly spiritually!

In my spiritual life, I have room for more “leaves.”  I think I will work on adding some today!

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  (2 Peter 3:18)



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