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January 16, 2011

A Perfect Day

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Going through an old file, I found a brochure.  It was one I prepared and gave to each of my classmates when we celebrated our 50 year reunion of our high school graduation in 1953.  I had not seen but a few of my classmates since graduation.  Much had changed in my life, and I wanted them to know it.  I prepared a brochure to give to each one.  The cover was a scene from our high school days.  Inside was a message I shared with them.  And on the back cover were some added words. Allow me to share  this testimony with you.

Fifty years ago at graduation we sang “At the End of a Perfect Day.”  I believe that represented what we felt about our high school years together!  Indeed, our years were very special!  But we had to move on with our lives.

I was one with little direction for my life.  My dream was to have freedom with little responsibility, and be a world adventurer.  Obviously such a dream requires wealth.  That I sought without real regard of the means of attaining.  This attitude and lifestyle did not settle well with my conscience.  After a couple of years, I “escaped” to Texas.

Texas became a place of my finding myself, and God finding me!  Certainly God knew all the time where I was, but I began to allow Him to be a part of my life.  At 21 years of age, God took over my future.  I confess that with the excitement of committing my life to Him, there was some disappointment.  My great dreams of adventure had to be surrendered.  How little I knew of God’s plans for my future.

The condensed version of my experience is that God got hold of my life and He set me on a far greater adventure than I could have ever designed!  He had prepared a beautiful lady in Florida to become my partner.  He was to bless us with three very special children who are blessing the world in many ways.  God has given us the privilege to live so many places and be a part of the lives of thousands of people.

God honored my obedience to surrender my dreams, and He gave me the privilege to be that traveler and adventurer.  I have been through those dense jungles, climbed those mountains, journeyed down those rivers in dugout canoes, walked into villages where the people had never seen a white man, sat in the high places in the Orient, and been a guest in the White House and Oval Office.  Yes, this old Clarkston boy has had a satisfied and fulfilled life!

But dear, friend, I want you to know that my great joy in life and my sense of fulfillment have not come from where I have gone or what I have done.  The life that I enjoy has been the result of a relationship that I have with Jesus Christ!  To know Him and to follow Him is success in life.  Through Him, your life, wherever lived, is joy and reward.  Acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior and experience real life!

And though our school days together seemed “perfect,”  I must tell you that life has been even better, and I can truly say, “It has been a perfect day!”


If you have a testimony . . . seize the opportunity to share it!



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  1. Dear Bro Lawson: What a wonderful testimony. No matter what our dreams may be for the future, it they are not given and guided by the Lord, they are worth nothing!

    Comment by Doris — January 16, 2011 @ 4:24 pm | Reply

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