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February 5, 2011

First Things First

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There seems to be within each of us an awareness of what is important — what takes precedence over other things.  But have we begun to ignore that inward knowledge?  Have we gotten so caught up in addressing our feelings and emotions that we live in danger?  Is pleasure now more important than safety?

Perhaps you are wondering what foundation I am laying today.  My mind does get a little philosophical at times.  All this reflection stems from what I was doing this morning.

There were a couple of things in the automobile that I was attempting to reset.  These days in cars, the computers have a way of malfunctioning.  I thought I would attempt to read the owner’s manual and see how to reset several things.

I retrieved the owner’s manual and thought I would just thumb through the manual rather than go directly to the index.  I thought I might see several items that would be of interest, as well as refresh myself about some of the gadgets in the car.

As I opened the thick manual, I began to turn page after page and realized that I was still in the same section.  This section was entitled “Entertainment System.”  Would you believe that this section ended on page 100?  One hundred pages in a car manual about the entertainment system!

Then on page 101 the second section began.  It was entitled “Driver Controls.”  That was when I suddenly was confronted with this thought.  “I believe that driver controls are far more important than how to understand and manage the entertainment system!”  Don’t you agree?  Shouldn’t how to operate and understand the vehicle take precedence over being entertained?  Yes, indeed!

But . . .  is that a commentary on our society?  Are we too often more engaged in being entertained than focusing on the more important?  Such as responsibility?  Safety?  There is nothing wrong with entertainment.  But we must not allow music, athletics, arts, or anything to deter us from the basic ingredients of living a stable and functional life.  We can so seek after feeding our emotions and feelings that we neglect the more important matters of daily life.

When feeding our emotions, feelings, and desires we must be careful that life does not become more stressful and demanding.  Allowing our inward knowledge of what is important to take precedence, life will be more secure.  Then the entertainment will truly be that . . .  and not some activity that causes us to escape life’s responsibilities.

Perhaps Jesus really had the answer after all.  He spoke of priorities . . . and that life would be one of joy and result in all we desire.  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  (Matthew 6:33)



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  1. Hi Bro Jolly, this is another great post. I have been praying for you and Mrs. Jolly and will continue to pray for your procedure tomorrow.

    Had the opportunity to visit Richland yesterday, very inspirational as usual!

    Doris White

    Comment by Doris — February 8, 2011 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

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