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May 26, 2011

Nobody Knows My Name

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July 4, 1966 — Suffolk Downs, East Boston

It was a Fourth of July celebration and the horses left the starting gate.  There were some obvious leaders, but the race would come down to the wire. 

The horses made the turn into the stretch.  There were emotions expressed with loudness as each person in the stands cheered for their favorite horse.  It appeared to be a race that would be won by a nose.  Suddenly a man jumped from a trackside bench and ran onto the track!

He was waving a rolled up newspaper in his hand as though he was seeking to stop the race.  The horses and their riders could do nothing but attempt to avoid him.  Several of the horses came close as the man would swing the paper in an attempt to distract the horse.  He even attempted to hit several jockeys with his fist.  He was knocked down by the closeness of one horse, but was uninjured.

The riders and their horses continued toward the finish line, but there was total  disorder.  Security guards quickly raced onto the track and arrested the man.  He showed no resistance.  In fact, it was what he expected and what outcome he hoped for.

This 38 year old man was taken through the crowd, and what he would later say to reporters, he shouted, “Now they will read about me tomorrow.  Nobody knew who I was, but now they will know me and recognize me!”

Sure enough, the next day his picture was in all the local paper, and it was distributed nationally and internationally over the wire services.

We stand amazed at such an action of the man . . . but there may be many people who have the same inward feeling but have never acted on it.  I am convinced there are many who feel that no one knows them or cares about them.  Everybody wants to be somebody!  Everyone would like to believe someone knows them and cares about them.  This man at the racetrack was driven by a sense of loneliness.  He wanted to be known.  He wanted people to know he existed!

Remember the award-winning television show Cheers?  The popular theme song had the line “Where everybody knows my name.”  The desire to be at that bar was because everyone knew one another and felt they cared about one another.  I believe that is why many continue to go to bars and clubs — because they feel they are somebody when they are there.

All that unprofessional analysis says I believe there are many lonely people in this world.  They hunger to have a friend . . . someone who knows them by name.  They might not be close friends throughout the day, but for those times when they are together, the lonely nobody feels they are somebody.

For those involved in a church, you were probably already trying to tell me, “I know a place where everybody can be a somebody.  It is at my church!”  And I am thankful for such a comment, and I certainly agree.  A church must be a place where everybody is somebody.  A place where everybody knows my name.  A place where we do not have to demonstrate or use strange tactics to get noticed.  That is a church!

But for beyond the earthly identification we can find at church, I need to remind all of us that there is Someone who knows everybody!  He knows us — even our name — even down to the number of hairs on our head.  That Somebody is our Heavenly Father — the God of all.

This God who desires to be a Father to all wants to have fellowship with us.  If all of us could know that God can meet that loneliness, no one would ever feel isolated and unknown.  He not only wants to be our Friend here on earth, but God wants us to live with Him in a heavenly home throughout eternity.  He knows, cares, and loves enough that He expressed it through giving His Son in our behalf. 

And He has provided earthly friends for all in the world today.  You find them at church!

See you at church Sunday!                                



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  1. Thank you Pastor, may we always be available just as Jesus is.

    Comment by doriswhite — May 29, 2011 @ 12:42 pm | Reply

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