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June 10, 2011

Remembering the Harrington

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A few weeks ago, we visited our son and his wife in Washington, D.C.  Their home is in the heart of the city, just off Pennsylvania Avenue.  Following dinner, we took an evening walk.  Two blocks from their home, we turned the corner toward the White House.

There it was!  I did not recognize the name, but I recognized the building!  “May, 1947 — I stayed in that hotel,” I exclaimed!  I was on a trip sponsored by our county for those who had served as school patrols in the elementary schools across our county.  (Washington, D.C.

The building has changed very little.  It is the Harrington Hotel. It claims to be the last of its kind in Washington, D.C.  It continues to be owned and operated by members of the founding families.  The hotel is celebrating its 96 year tradition of providing for tourist to the Capital City.  It has probably accommodated more tour groups than any other hotel in the area.

The hotel began with 80 guest rooms, but has added additions since.  It now has 305 guest rooms.  It was the first hotel in Washington, D.C. to have air conditioning!  I remember the air conditioning.  My only exposure at that age to buildings with air conditioning were the large department stores in Atlanta!  But I had never slept a night in an air conditioning!

What I recall most were the rooms.  They were not fancy — very plain.  But then, I had never stayed in a hotel and had no point of reference for comparison.  I do know that the room was large with four single beds.  There were four of us assigned to the room, with no sponsor!  I don’t know if they trusted us . . . or we appeared so scared they knew we would not venture out of our room.

That evening a few weeks ago, I stood there and gazed . . . and remembered.  Over the next several days I would see much of this hotel and be constantly reminded of a special time in my life.

There are not many times we can re-visited places from so long ago with special memories!  But my seeing the Harrington Hotel brought back so many memories.  And the family probably tired of hearing my talking on and on about that hotel!

Re-visiting places of the past can be a joy.  Are there special places you would like to re-visit?  Perhaps the old home place where you grew up?  Or that special swimming hole?  Or your grandparents farm?  Or that mountain cabin where you spent a vacation?  Remember some of those special places?

My life is filled with so many wonderful memories.  Oh, yes, there are memories I don’t care to address –accidents, embarrassing moments, scared, etc.  But for those uncomfortable memories –they are history.  I choose not to relive those in my memory or allow them to overshadow the pleasant memories.

I am blessed with so many memories . . . and you have read many of them as you have followed my writing in these blogs.  But lest someone doesn’t know my greatest memory — it was 1946 –on a hillside in north Georgia — there I exercised my faith in Jesus Christ and I became a Christian!  The memory is more real today than all my memories . . . including the memorable days at the Harrington Hotel!

I hope you have such a treasured memory of that moment of faith in your life!

“For it is  by grace you have been saved, through faith . . .”  (Ephesians 2:8) “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come.”  (2 Corinthians 5:17)



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