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June 13, 2011

Social Media

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We usually thing of media as television, radio, newspaper, etc. where communication is one way.  But today we hear the term social media.  This implies a two-way communication.  It is social interaction.  There is plenty of social media or interaction on the internet these days.  It may be Facebook or other –but without doubt, such media is providing much social interaction.

This is a new world to people my age.  As a teenager and young adult — long before the internet — we had never heard the words social media.  Even the word media was not in common use.

But social –oh, yes — we were sociable, and we had our means of media, even though we didn’t use that term.  From church socials to hanging out at a certain place — we socialized!  And we conversed — had our means of communication!  And we had our place for social media!

For me, it was Hensler’s.  It was one of the few drive-in eating places in our area.  Of course, there was the Varsity in downtown Atlanta, but it was miles away, and far too crowded with people we did not know.  There would only be social media among those we knew!  Social media for us depended mostly on gathering in a place where almost everyone knew one another, could exchange information, gossip, and speak facts to folks we knew.

Hensler’s was more of the locals from the same schools in the area.  Everyone knew everyone.  We could connect at school and I guess network, but there was a different aura when we gathered at Hensler’s.

But today, social media is connecting people from great distances. It provides for bringing people back into your life from years past.  People are connecting from across the street to around the world.  This can be a good thing, as well as making some new friends through friends you are connected with.

I am not connected to any of the social media sites, but my wife is, and I appreciate the updates she provides to me about friends.  It has amazed us how she has connected with old friends far away and over almost uncountable years.  I am really glad for all these connections that the social media provide.  And the sharing of photos is a bonus!

I will encourage the use of social media, but I do express some disappointments.  My disappointment comes when some people we know expose their character through their verbage.  I believe that many forget that a family member, mother, Sunday School teacher, or even their pastor can be reading their remarks.

Prospective employers do well to check Facebook and other sites before hiring a person.  That prospective employer just might discover an attitude of morality that would never have been revealed on an application, resume, or in an interview.

I suppose, however, I will never get use to hypocrisy.  I know it will always exist everywhere, but I usually assume I know a friend well.  Then, there it is in print on the computer screen!  I can’t believe what I am reading!  I thought that person was the same — whether talking with me, or speaking to someone else!  But social media is showing me something I did not expect!

Social media is too often revealing hypocrisy!  And it could not be more public!



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